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Chapter- twenty four


       I was more than embarrassed. Vitale caught me in an very awkward situation.

       I was literally crying. My eyes were watery and my nose was still blocked so I had to sniff loudly on order to breathe.

       Vitale raised his perfect eyebrow at me, "What are you doing?" His eyes followed my every movement.

        My answer to his question was a loud sniff. Vitale narrowed his eyes, "Are yo-," he paused mid-sentence when he- we, heard a loud moan followed by a series of repetitive loud bangs.

         My cheeks turned red. That was very awkward. I bit my lower lip and fumbled with my hands. I was very nervous. I mean, someone was probably inside Vitale's room having sex and plus Vitale was talking with me after a week

         So ignore me for being nervous.

         Vitale eyes' flickered with amusement after that annoyance and then with anger. He looked like he was ready to shoot anyone dead, which he was probably anytime.

         "Get the fück out of my room!" He growled as he tried to open his door but it didn't even bulge.

         I could some shuffling from the other side of the door followed by loud cursings.

        I stood on my place and continued watching Vitale banging the door loudly with his hands.

       The door finally opened revealing a very smug George, "Yeah?" He asked as if he was not in Vitale's room and probably having sex with a girl.

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