The Way You Make Him Feel - Part 3 (Final)

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*Y/N's POV*

Michael and I pulled away from each other moments later, I look up at him and he's looking back at me with such love. Meanwhile I'm completely shocked, I've always liked Michael but I never intended it to escalate to this. I guess with us two being lonely and used by other people we were drawn to each other, and all it took was me saying yes to doing this short film with him.

"I don't know if you being silent is a good thing or a bad thing." Michael says softly, rubbing the back of his neck. The poor thing's hands are shaking.

I take his shaky hands into mine and hold them until he settles down, I look up into his eyes. When I search Michael's eyes all I can see is love but then again I see loneliness. He's probably been waiting a very long time for a girl to treat him like a normal human being and love him for who he really is and not his money and his celebrity status.

"No Michael..." I begin, I reach one hand up to lightly run my thumb across his cheek, he sighs, "The kiss was amazing, I've never felt anything like the way I did when I kissed you."

"Really?" His eyes shot open back at me, if his eyes were any wider they would pop out of his pretty head.

"Yes really. I never thought the relationship between us would come to this, I honestly thought it was just going to be professional and a friendship after the filming was done. But I guess with the way we were both treated in the past drew us together." I smile at him, he's looking at me confused.

"So you just want us to be professional and friends?" He asks. I giggle, men.

"No. I said I thought that's what I thought we were going to be before we shared that kiss." I blush.

"Oh..." Was all he could say, he was now blushing from embarrassment.

I'm not going to lie here, I do have feelings for Michael. Let's be honest here...who wouldn't? He's so kind and loving, he's so caring and has a sense of humour and he is the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on. I'm surprised he isn't a model. His voice is so heavenly I could listen to him sing and talk all day, I'm actually falling for him.

"What do we do now?" I ask. Michael looks up at me, he traps his bottom lip between those pearly whites of his.

"Well there's something I do want to ask you now that we've had this talk." He says shyly. I've never seen him so shy, it's so cute.

"What is it?" I ask.

"I was wondering..." He blinks quickly, shoving his hands in his pockets. I grab his face and make him look at me.

"Please look at me." I whisper. I can feel him relax.

"I was wondering wanted to be my girl?" He asks, staring into my eyes.

"I would love to be yours." I smile. He grins and wraps his arms around me and squeezes me into a hug.

I giggle and he picks me up and spins me around. After awhile he sets me down, there's nothing more than I love than to see this man smile. He has the most gorgeous smile in the world, I'd love to spend the rest of my life making sure that smile stay on his face.

"I guess I should take you home. We have to wrap up filming tomorrow." He says.

"We do." I say, holding his hand. He smiles while playing with my hand. I blush, we're both like young teenagers who just discovered true love for the first time.

*The Next Day*

Michael and I were finishing up the filming. We didn't tell anyone about our relationship and wanted to keep it that way, it's obviously just new considering Michael only asked me to be his girlfriend last night but our only concern is the media getting in the way.

"Well done you two. That last one was really good we didn't even need to do another take." The director says to Michael and I as we watch the final scene of the film.

"Thank you." Michael smiles and shakes his hand.

"Okay everybody! We are done. Please direct your attention to Michael." The director says. Everyone stops what they're doing and looks at Michael.

"I just want to thank everyone for the hard work you've put into this film. For the long hours you've spent out of your days to be here or at your own homes working on this, I really appreciate it. We're all having lunch next week to celebrate. I can't wait to see you all there." Michael smiles and everyone including me claps.

Michael walks over to me and smiles. I smile back at him.

"You did wonderfully Michael. This short film is going to be wonderful. I can't wait to see it once it's released." I grin. He blushes.

"Thank you, baby. It's going to be even better because you're in it." He winks at me.

*Several Months Later*

Things were progressing well with Michael and I. The media eventually found out about our relationship but they left us alone so we were happy. The release for our short film 'The Way You Make Me Feel' was a huge success. Michael soon after finished his whole 'Bad' album and was even nominated for 'Album Of The Year' at the Grammy's, he was up against Prince and U2 but unfortunately U2 got the Grammy for that. I will never understand why but that's just the way it went.

I've recently put my job on hold because Michael wants me to come on his 'Bad Tour' with him to be his leading lady role in 'The Way You Make Me Feel' song at his concerts. I'm not complaining though, spending nearly two years on tour with the love of my life will be wonderful. This is the happiest I've been in my entire life.

*The End*

Sorry for the way I did the whole "Y/N" point of view in this story. It's so hard when I'm usually doing just normal stories and not imagines but I wanted to start doing imagines! Well this is the end of this particular imagine, my next imagine update will be 'Camping' followed by 'You're His Stylist'. Thank to those who's read ❤️

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