Chapter Eleven: The Shocking Betrayal of Nyron's Pet Frog

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Nyron awakened; his frog had arrived. He opened his eyes to see a small, grotty cell, and heard a creak as the door opened to reveal a grumpy looking Ishi Tib. Nyron prepared to jump forward and make his daring escape (sadly he'd need to kill his pet frog), but soon noticed the chains rattle when he began to move. He would have to wait to straggle someone, which saddened him - he was looking forward to that.

His frog's mouth was open in a frown, which was rather rude, and he roughly grabbed him before replacing his chains with cuffs , which was even ruder. He'd need to get this frog house-trained, perhaps greeting it would help tame it. Its name! In his befuddled state he grasped it from the chaos of his mind: "Hey Jar-" wait, no, not that one. Perhaps he wasn't meant to find out this frog's name; "I mean, some guy I haven't met yet."

The frog squawked at him to move, this pet just got ruder and ruder, and began dragging him, dragging its master!, up some stairs, frickin' stairs!
"I was framed! I'm innocent!!! No wait I'm not... I'm guilty!!!"
His pet continued to ignore him through all the insane outbursts until they reached some large metal doors flanked by two guards, a Human and a Rodian, who knocked on the door.
"Sup guard dudes, you wanna grab an ale later?" Nyron murmured, to the guards utter bewilderment. Nyron's eyes blazed at being ignored, "Frickin' Rodian!!! I'll eat your eyes!!!"
The Rodian jumped at the outburst, and then grimaced as he heard a voice from inside.

"I told you to gag him, you idiots!"
Nyron was unfamiliar with the bounty hunters of this base, but he could recognise a Duros when he heard one, and he hated Duros.
"Don't gag my beautiful mouth otherwise I'll eat you all for lunch!!!" He yelled back, but was again ignored.
"Gag him first, then you may enter."
Nyron had only one place to turn, surely, surely, in his most dire moment of need, his pet frog would not abandon him.
"Dude," he began, "might I recom-"  Apparently it would.

Ishti had been waiting for a while now, kneeling in the great ever-changing throne room. He had a plan, but he would need a distraction for it to work, and the distraction that he knew he could rely on was taking his time on getting there. So, he thought he'd look around, see what Kara'd done with the place. The throne she was lounging in was still the same, and probably always would be. It was made of smooth metal with a cushioned seat, and was the only recognisable remainder of the original Transoshan complex. Simply but carefully made with a Rancor snarling at its head, it was a classic design of the historical hunters. Of course the various trophies were still there: pieces of clothing, animal skulls, even a laser sword; but the rest of the room had changed significantly. The blue and white paintings with smooth waves and exquisitely detailed landscapes had been replaced by Durosian art: sharp lines, dark, rugged themes and colours, and industry were the themes of the Duros. They were good, Ishti admitted, from a certain point of view, and ranged from the simple, bright zigzag patterns, to beautiful sketches of blasters. Wait, had he really just stopped to appreciate Kara's artistic taste? He needed to stop being bored.

Nyron nodded appreciatively as the doors swung open to reveal the bounty hunter throne room, and he was guided to kneel beside Ishti in front of the throne. "Wuw, clusuh thurnrum. Hur naees." Nyron managed through his muffling gag.
"Cen sumwern tahk erf thus gairg plairz?" He added, looking around for anyone to help, but it looked like Ishti would be unable to help him, he was tied up too; Da'bral was standing behind two guards, not much help either; and his so-called pet had already made his true loyalties obvious.

Da'bral struggled to contain his frustration at the whole situation as he stood helpless behind the throne, guarded by a couple of Kara's lackeys. His friend was tied up and as helpless as he was, his mentor was being held prisoner somewhere, and he could do nothing at all. Not only that but now Nyron was here, still mumbling his every insane thought even through his gag, and if that wasn't already bad enough, Ishti had started coughing and keeling over in pain, not that anyone else seemed to care.
"I could just have you both killed right now." Kara addressed the prisoners lazily, "But that wouldn't be as fun, especially considering all I've heard about you." She smiled craftily, gesturing to Nyron. But then suddenly Ishti started gagging on something! screwing up his face in pain, and bringing his hands up to his face. Finally showing some sympathy, a guard asked for permission to help him, and Kara begrudgingly granted it. The guard moved towards the coughing bounty hunter, but thankfully Ishti stopped, and no longer needed assistance.
"Sorry," Ishti said, "I had to cough."

Ishti smiled as he felt the vibroblade that he'd coughed up in his hand. Making sure not to drop it, he slipped it into his sleeve and waited for a chance to use it.
"Can someone shut that psycho up?!" Kara fumed as Nyron continued to try and speak through his gag. Perhaps now was the perfect time, Ishti thought, and retrieved the blade from his sleeve. Nyron pouted indignantly. "Aee ernay wernedu turrk tu oo." He tried to say, and Kara somehow understood him. "Take his gag off a second." She sighed.

Nyron's face lit up in gratitude, and his pet finally obeyed his master's command: cautiously and reluctantly removing the gag, bracing itself for some violent outbursts, but Nyron had a surprise in store for everyone.
"Your glorious and beautiful majesty, queen of all bounty hunters and jewel of the galaxy," he began, bowing to the grandest of his ability to a surprisingly elegant effect, "I would like to plead innocence to any accusations; but if I am found guilty, know that my last wish before my execution would be to look upon your fair face once more."

Ishti nearly dropped the blade in astonishment, was that really Nyron that just spoke?
"Hm, an eloquent psycho." noted Kara, seemingly unfazed. "I haven't met one of you before."
"He is one of a kind." Muttered Da'bral, and Ishti grinned at the understatement, still cutting away at his bonds.
"I be not a psycho, milady." Objected Nyron sincerely.
"And I be not an idiot, you fool." Smirked Kara, but Nyron kept talking, determined to sway her affection.
"People like you and me, we're too extravagant for others to possibly understand. We of a kind, perfectly unique."
"You realise that doesn't make - no, never mind. Gag him again! I don't have time for this."
"I ask for your hand in mar-umph!" Nyron groaned as his pet betrayed him again, once more sealing his beautiful mouth.

Meanwhile, Ishti had finished cutting his bonds, but waited for a distraction to act. He lent over to whisper to Nyron, "She's a Duros, Nyron."
"I know, I was faking it!"
"Just sayin'."

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