Chapter 11

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Heyo! Hope you guys like this one!

Liza's POV :
Liza- "I was think. So we should book an ultrasound for next week and book a flight to Houston to see my parents and tell them we could spend a few days there, then a flight to Chicago to see your
parents and tell them and spend a few days with them, sound like an idea?
David- "Yeah that's awesome babe, I'll go book the flights now you can book the ultrasound" he give me a kiss on the forehead and walking into the living room.

<Next week>

It's Saturday and today is our appointment for the ultrasound then we're off to Houston, then Chicago. I'm waiting for David to get to my apartment then I'm asking him if he wants to move in.
I hear a knock at the door and look through the peep hole and see its David so I let him in.
Liza- "Hey baby" I give him a peck on the lips
David- "Hey babe, you okay?"
Liza- "Yeah I'm good I can't wait for the ultrasound anyways how are you. Oh and I need to ask you something!"
David- "I'm fine and what do you need to ask me?" He said with his cute smile.
Liza- "So. I was thinking since we're getting married and having a baby why don't you move in with me?"
David- "I'd love to Liza" he put his hands on my waist and kissed me.

<Timelapse to doctors>

(Liza is about 3 weeks pregnant)
We're in the waiting room waiting to be called.
Nurses- "Mr and Mrs Dobrik?"
We get up and go into the room
Nurses- "Hello, you must be Liza" she said with a smile
Liza- "Yes that's me and that's my Fiancé David" I said with a smile back
David- "Hi there"
Nurses- "Okay so I'm about to put the gel on its going to be cold"
Liza- "Okay" she put the gel on and used the little tracker thing (idk what it's called 😂)
Nurses- "Okay and there's your baby, he or she is fine and healthy"
It was like a little bean I looked up to see David with the biggest smile on his face.
We finish at the doctors and go to the car. We drive to the airport to go to Houston. We're on the plane and David decided to take a nap.
We land and I wake him up, he said he had a dream about our wedding day it was so cute.
We get a über from the airport to my house, we arrive at my house with are suitcases and knock on the door.
My Mum opens it and gives us a big hug.
Mum- "Come in you to! Oh I'm so glad to see you"
Liza- "Aw we're glad to see you to mum"
David- "Yeah it's really good to see you again Mrs. Koshy"
Liza- "Where's Dad mum?"
Mums- "Oh he's gone on his holiday with his friends, like he does every year"
Liza- "Oh damn. Well we have something to tell you sit down!"
Mum- "Okay okay"
Liza- "So mum we have some very exciting news"
Liza and David- "We're having a baby!!"
Mum- "Oh. Oh my! I'm speechless! That's great news honey! Come here! And you too David"
We all hug while my mum cried with joy.
Mum- "So I'm going to be a grandma?"
David- "Yeah hope your excited! And we'll have to tell your dad when he's back right Liza?"
Liza- "Yeah of course"
Mum- "So are you guys staying for dinner?"
Liza- "Yeah sure then we'll go to a hotel"
Mum- "Don't be silly! You two can stay in your old room Liza, don't bother wasting your money on a hotel"
Liza- "Thanks mum"
David- "Yeah thanks Mrs koshy"
We head up to my old room and put are cases down and lay on my bed. David pulls me into a tight hug.
David- "I love you so much baby"
Liza- "I love you too baby"
We go down and have dinner and watch some TV with my mum.
Mum- "I'm going to bed now you to, I'll see you in the morning for breakfast. Good Night love you"
Liza- "Love you too mum"
David- "Good night"
We finish watching the film, turn of the TV and go up to my room and cuddle up together.
David- "Today's been good babe. I can't wait to see my mum and tell her the news"
Why did he only say mum? He never talks about his dad, I'm gonna ask him when we are at his. Maybe he'll tell me...
Liza- "Yeah babe it's been really good"
David- "Night babe, love you"
He say and pulls me in closer and kisses my cheek.
Liza- "Love you too babe, next stop Chicago" we both laugh and fall asleep.

Hey guys! Sorry this chapter was so sort! Monday's one will be better and longer! Anyways I hope you enjoyed! ❤️❤️ Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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