Tattooed Love

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Tattooed Love   

By: Explode 

COMPLETED(sequel is included in the book but its not done yet)  

You don't choose who you love, your heart does. Your heart doesn't understand that loving that person could led to your own destruction. Follow Amber, as she falls for a male that she shouldn't, and makes mistakes she is sure to regret. A dangerous and deadly love story, with more drama and twists than any other.


This book is absolutley amazing and like the summary said it's full of twists and drama. That is such an undersatetment! Some of the things that happened just made my jaw drop and other other times I'd be screaming in anger! This book is like an emotional rollercoaster ride, and I definatley recommend it. The author, Explode is a very talented and most definatley creative writer. Her books are SO different and original compared to other books on wattpad and there definatley worth reading! (click on external link on the side to start reading Tattooed Love).

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