What Have I Done? (2p China x reader)

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Requested by animeangel

Found the picture on Deviant Art, so giving credit where credit is due.

Also, since I'm dealing with vampires and 2ps, there will be blood mentioned a lot in this so, anyone really squeamish to blood should not read it.

Narrator's POV

"Kitten, could you get me my favorite drink?"  Zao asked you.  You smiled and nodded, heading out of the room.  Zao waited till he knew you weren't close by before sagging back on the couch, his fangs shining in the dim light.

'God, I didn't realize how thirsty I was till just now.'  Zao thought to himself.  He rubbed his throat, hoping to get some of his special "drink", before something bad happens.  Just then, the door opened as you walked in, a glass filled with a dark red liquid in it on a tray.

"Here you go Zao."  You said softly.  Zao nodded and reached a hand out when the tray tipped over, spilling the drink on the carpet, the glass shattering.

"Oh no!"  You said as you bent down to try and pick up the glass.  Zao's throat burned as his vision blurred a bit.

"No!  Don't touch the-"  But it was too late, you touched the bloody glass, cutting your finger.

"Ow,"  You said softly as you looked at the thin line of red forming on your skin.

Zao's eyes began to glow red as he drooled at the delicious scent coming from the cut, his lust for blood growing hellbent as he licked his lips.  And before he knew what was happening, he pounced on you.

"Wha-"  You were cut off by pain hitting neck.  You shrieked as you felt something sharp and pointed enter.  You tried to break free, to get Zao to stop, but it was futile.  Zao held you down, ignoring your cries and pleas.

After a few moments, you began to stop struggling as the world dimmed and spun around you, your life being drained away.  You were barely conscious when you numbly felt Zao's grip loosen and the needle-like objects retract from your neck.

The last thing you saw with your blurry and teary eyes was Zao, snapping out of his trance-like state and stare at you with a mix of fear and horror.

Once Zao saw your glazed over eyes close, he panicked and began shaking you.

"NO!  DON'T SLEEP!  YOU HAVE TO STAY AWAKE!"  He yelled as he clung to you.  Hearing his yelling, Zao's men burst into the room.  Zao looked at them and barked orders.

'I'm not losing you kitten,'  He thought to himself.

--------- Time Skip to 3 weeks later ---------

"How are you today kitten?"  Zao asked as he sat beside your bedside, gently holding your hand.  "Today was another gloomy day for me kitten since you weren't there to brighten it for me."  Zao said as he smoothed your hair.

Ever since Zao lost control of himself and drank you nearly dry, you have been in a comatose state, with Zao's private doctors unsure of when you would wake up.

'I thought today would be the day...'  Zao thought with a sigh as he rested his head on the bed and stared at you.

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