A Bird Came Down the Concrete Path

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A bird came down the concrete path: 

He did not know I saw—

He bit an earth-worm in clean halves 

And ate the brother, raw.

And then he drank dew,

From a dismal blade of grass, 

And then hopped sidewise to you 

To let a caterpillar pass.

He glanced with keen eyes 

That wanted to be fed—

They looked like frightened beads, I thought? 

He steered his burgundy head

Like one in danger—cautious, 

I offered him a crumb, 

He unrolled his feathers with a look to make you nauseous— 

Then he flew with a swagger so numb

That divided the Red Sea in matters too soon? 

Too clear for a day, 

Or butterflies, off banks of noon, 

Leap, sway, as they swim with a fine notion to say.

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