3. I Don't Know...Do I?

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Chapter 3: I Don't Know...Do I?

*~~Alice's POV~~*

My alarm starts blasting from my phone. I groan, it's already time to go to class already? I get up with more groans and dismiss my alarm. I just sit in my bed for a few seconds, rubbing my eyes, then staring at the wall.

"Alice! I know you're up! So hurry, I already have your clothes laid out for you!"

"Thanks Sam, I love you!" I shouted back at Sam.

"Hey, what about me?! I'm the one making your brunch! By the way, you should not skip breakfast just because you don't have college in the morning today!"

I chuckled before I answered Jack, "I love you, too, Jackie!" Like I thought I got a 'don't call me Jackie' from Jack. I laughed then ran to my bathroom before Jack comes after me.

When I entered the kitchen, the smell of eggs and bacon hit me. And there it was, a plate filled with two eggs and three pieces of bacon for me. I took a seat, "Is this turkey bacon?"

Jack gave me a look which said I was an idiot, "Of course it is Alice, it's the only kind of bacon you have in your fridge. You really should stock it up. Bacon, eggs, yogurt, milk, and a couple boxes of noodles is so not the way to live. It's a wonder how you're not fat."

I gave him my big toothy grin, which he always falls for, "You know I love you Jack..."

Jack groaned, "Fine, fine, I'll stock your fridge for you. When you come back from college, you'll see it fully stocked, right Sam?"

Sam nodded as he was too busy stuffing his face with bacon. Sam swallowed his food, then a cheshire cat grin was on his face, "So Alice....who's loverboy?" I looked at Jack to see that he was wearing the same expression as Sam. I frowned, loverboy? Sam saw my confused expression and elaborated a bit, "You don't usually end your shift. You love working when it's club hours, this is the first time we've seen you call it a day. So who's the guy you left with yesterday?"

I groaned, "You guys! Don't look too deep in it. He's only an annoying classmate, he's a player. You guys know I don't do players."

Sam gave a dry laugh, "You don't do players? Try you don't do dating. I mean come on, Jack was your last boyfriend, and that was in high school, when you were a sophmore! But then you saw him too much as a brother, so you both 'dumped' each other."

Jack laughed, "Just like Alice dumped you in her freshmen year, because you were too much of a brother too."

I groaned and put my head on my hands, "Shut up, I'm never dating brothers, especially twins." They both laughed, then Jack's expression grew serious, "Alice, you need to let lose. Get a boyfriend. I mean we thought you went overseas to actually have fun, but no all you were doing was expanding business."

Sam shook his head, "Alice, oh Alice. I should have just tied you to your bed that day." I gaped at him, and he grinned, "So do you like Mr. Player? 'Cause you know he's pretty hot, I think I can forget about Jace with him. Come on at least tell us his name."

I gave Jack my plate, so he could wash it, "His name's Chase. I only called it a day yesterday because I needed to do my Chemistry homework, and Chase helped me. The end, now bye, I gots to go!"

Jack grabbed my wrist, "Sit, you have plenty of time. The way this Chase guy looks at you is not normal, have you guys I don't know, kissed?"

I felt a full on blush coming as I remembered last night. Sam smiled, "Ah, so you have! Have you guys had sex?" That earned a smack from Jack, hah that rhymes!

"Thanks Jack, Sam needed that. And no, we haven't had sex." I told him giving him a smug smile.

Sam muttered, "Yet." I rolled my eyes and when I got up, Jack asked, "So, do you like him?"

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