The love note, two!

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     Kevin stretched, reading his masterpiece. It seemed sweet... He reread it, making sure he spelled things correctly and that it wasn't confusing...

Blissful whispers, on a foreign night... THe breeze ruffling his hair as he store at a letter... A letter with no name...
It was short, sweet, kind and nice... It was perfect, if it weren't for the fact it had no author!
Well, I must say,  there's another!
So here I deliver, this love letter...

Kevin smiled at the last part, having payed Google a visit for ideas... But it was mostly his own besides spell check... The redhead rubbed his eyes sleepily, yawning, he tore out the paper, folding it neatly then putting it in his backpack. He walked over, flopping on his bed,  not even caring to turn off the light.

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