The writing process of an idiot

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Kevin scribbled large annoyed circles into the paper, ripping it with the sharp point of his mechanical pencil. He groaned, falling backwards onto his bed, feeling his back crack in the most wonderful way.

He had to do this! To prove dorkasuarus wrong! He could love! Or at least, write a love letter... But the problem was he had nobody to... Write about! What's the point of a love letter if there's no one you love? Kinda trumps the point...

He started again, on a clean piece of paper, thinking of a person he might be able to write about...

Nazz... Amazing wonderment of raindrops and dew, she's the only one people say is who and who... She the one that they want, the one that they beg, she is the one they think about each day...

Kevin looked at his work, groaning and crumpling it up, throwing it in his wastebasket... He had to think! He got plenty of sleep the night before, he had a nice Healthy meal, it was only 7:23, so it wasn't to late to do this... What was his problem?
He threw the notebook at the will, it hitting it with a big thud noise. He dug his hands in his hair, burying his face in his arms.

He looked up, his vision slightly blurred from rubbing his eyes. He felt hungry, regardless of his delicious and filling meal he only had like... Ten minutes ago... ((Slight Wally West reference))

He headed to the kitchen, swinging open the fridge door, digging through the messy area, trying to find something remarkably edible. He pulled out a granola bar, which should of been somewhere else, but whatever. He shrugged, peeling back the wrapper and taking a bite of the cold granola.

He let a hmmm escape his lips, cold granola bars are pretty damn good! Why isn't this a normal thing?

He sighed, deciding maybe he should do this some other time, not being able to write about anything or anyone... He needed a subject, he needed an idea, a theme, he needed these to write this stupid thing!

Why is he trying to prove this stupid little thing to Double Doofus? Kevin didn't give a damn about that squirt! If anything, he probably hated the kid! He always was freaking about germs! And he always wore that hat! And when he did that cute little smile, that made him look so nervous and helpless... He felt weak... He felt like he couldn't pound the dweep right in the face with that smile! And the way he used that adorable talking thing... What was that? He used super fancy words, and he was always so weird, like the slightest thing would make the person he's talking to explode!

Kevin groaned...

Th he realized something...

"I think I found my subject..."

A/N it still gets better! I wrote this story when I first started wattpad, and it gets more professional on the way as I adapted more skills.

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