s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 73

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            Spencer is kneeling, having placed the boot on the ground as if it were a person standing.  “Lee, take the bracelet off.”

            Rylee removes the bracelet and winces when Spencer takes her hand and places it on the boot.  She closes her eyes and turns her head away.  “See something?’

            “Not trying!” says Rylee.  “That’s gross, there is a foot in there!”


            Spencer feels her power kicking in, and the boot starts to glow blue, then red, then a lightening purple.  An image starts to build.  Rylee can’t focus her vision.  Then, finally it snaps, but the vision they see is shiny.

            “Good god,” says Sydney.  The image is a young man, in his early twenties, shaggy blonde hair and a scruffy beard. 

            The image flickers away and Rylee sits down.  “There isn’t anything else, Spencer.”  She can’t tell Spencer that it seems that she can’t see anything passed what Spencer’s future.

            Spencer reaches for the boot again. 

            “Hey, that’s evidence in a case, obviously a missing foot that was once attached to someone.  Don’t contaminate the evidence,” says Sydney.  There is a look in Spencer’s eyes like the one she gets when she finds a rock song she really wants to belt out. 

            “It was in water for a year,” says Tegan.  “I doubt we’re gonna do anything bad to it.  But, just in case, Spence, don’t meddle with it.”

            “How did he get there?” muses Spencer.  She goes to Abby’s pack and finds the map.  Running her finger over the map, she makes a face.  “What it this?”

            Abby goes over to Spencer, giving the foot a wide birth.  She takes the map and Spencer jabs a finger at it.  “That is no-no territory.  100 mile forest is like, well, huge and scary.  You’re in the middle of the middle of nowhere.  It’s for experienced hikers, not for power fed humans.”

            “That water source comes from there,” says Spencer.  “So that’s where he came from.”

            “Okay, we are here to climb a mountain,” reminds Sydney.  “Not go into the wild.”

            “Not solve a missing person’s or, hell, a hiker that got hurt and lost a foot,” says Rylee.

            “Really?” says Spencer.  “It’s a mystery.  It’s unknown.  It’s an unknown moment in time that we can discover.”

            Her tone is infectious, passed the sexy into a whole other world.  She smiles, the dimples appear on her cheeks and her eyes flare. 

            Tegan groans.  “No.  Rangers will come – collect – that.  And we are going to eat our fish, and we are going to go to bed and we are going to climb a damn mountain!” says Tegan. 

            Spencer hunches down and stares at the foot until the Rangers come to collect the body part.  They try and tell the girls they should call out get their parents here to drive them back to civilization.  They refuse.  Finally they leave, letting them know that they can call at anytime and they will get them to their parents.

            They quietly prepare their meal, when Rylee says, “He wasn’t old.”

            “Just older than us,” says Sydney.

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