Storm X Nashi?

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The blonde and her friends were the first to be at school out of the group. She then checked through the window to see if any of her other friends came to school while Reiki was parking.


Then I thought about Nash and his slow driving. I knew by the time they would come to school I would be fighting with Rosemary.

"Nash hurry up you're such a slowpoke when you drive!"  I said obviously pissed. "It'll take 200 years to get to school like this!" I said as I continued even more pissed than I was before. 

That's when he cracked.

"Nashi would you shut that trap of yours!" Nash said irritated. 

Before I could say anything Storm interrupted our fight nonchalantly...

"Oi flame brain, Nash's right you should be more patient. Nash, you should calm down." 

Nash just sighed and nodded in agreement. But I wasn't going to stop like that. "Why should I?" I asked annoyed at the fact he was winning the battle. 

"First of all your fighting is annoying. Second when Nash's fighting he goes even slower," said Storm nonchalantly. 

"Uhh, whatever!" I said rolling my eyes annoyed by the fact that he's right .

Why is always right?


Jeez, just get married you two! You guys are like Uncle Natsu and Auntie Lucy!

"They're so cute when they fight," I said voicing my thoughts. 

"No, we're not!" Storm and Nashi yelled embarrassed beyond belief.  They're cheeks we're crimson. 

Aww, how cute! 

They're denial and acknowledgment all takes place at the same time!

 It just adds such a dynamic! 

I love it!

I turned and saw Nash giving Storm a deadly glare. " Someone is overprotective," Rin mutters to himself smirking.

To: Rosemary

I so ship Storm x Nashi.


Oh god, my sister is matchmaking again, this is going to be interesting.

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