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"Time feels like like it's standing still. Still my mind is racing."

               - We Are Broken, This The Silent War

"Think you got enough?" Steve asks the nurse.

After Steve ran off he chased the guy for several blocks, people even captured pictures of him saving a little boy. I guess he finally got that super hero status he was looking for.

They guy also had a bit of poison hidden in his mouth, to most likely avoid talking if he was captured. And the bad news is that now we have no leads on who he was or most likely who he was working for. I wasn't in his head long enough to see anything useful and I can read the minds of the dead.

"Any hope of reproducing the program is locked in your genetic code." Peggy tells him. "But, without Dr. Erskine it will take years."

"He deserved more than this." Steve says, rolling his shirt sleeve back down.

"If it could work only once he'd be proud it was you." She tries to ease his mind.

"Everything will be fine." I reassure him. Even though I wasn't so sure myself.

Peggy leads us out of the infirmary and down to where they are currently storing the submarine the german spy tried to escape in.

Colonel Philips is there, as well as a few city officials, while Howard is picking apart the sub. They're discussing a group of people they call Hydra.

"Hydra is a Nazi deep science division. It's led by Johann Schmidt. But, he has much bigger ambitions." Peggy informs the senator.

"Hydra's practically a cult, they worship Schmidt, they think he's invincible." Philips adds.

"So what are we gonna do about it?" The senator demands.

Philips turns away from his and walks around the sub. "I spoke to the president this morning. As of today the SSR is being retasked."

"Retasked? To what?" I ask ridiculously.

"We are taking the fight to Hydra, so pack your bags. All three of you." He looks at Steve and Peggy. "You too Stark!" He hollers and Howard looks at us. "We're flying to London tonight."

"Sir!" Steve stops him. Oh no. "If you're going after Schmidt I want in."

"You're an experiment. You're going to Alamogordo." Philips replies boredly.

"But the serum worked." He argues.

"I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough." Steve doesn't argue this time and Philips walks away.

I set my hand on his shoulder, in some attempt to comfort him. I feel something heat up in my body all of the sudden, like someone flipped a switch in my body. Steve looks at me and his eyes widen.

"Alex-" He says but there is a zap of blue electricity and it launches me across the room. I fly up and my back slams into the side of the sub. I fall back down to the floor on my hands and knees. I feel a hand on my back and look up, it's Howard.

"Easy." He says, placing his other hand on my shoulder when I try and stand up too fast.

There is little pain, even though I should've broken something. The heat is gone but it doesn't feel the same as before, but I can't quite pin it. I feel different. Everyone stops what they're doing and stares at me. Why are they all looking at me?

"Steve?" I say, too shocked to do anything. He too has his eyes locked on me.

"Your eyes." He whispers. I look quickly around the room till I find a mirror on the wall, I scramble to my feet and turn around, the only mirror in this room is the shattered glass of the sub.

Even though it's shattered I can see my face clearly. It's my eyes. They're glowing blue...

They flicker like faulty lights for a moment before returning to my normal shade of green. What the hell just happened?

Peggy rushes over to me and looks at me and then Steve before fixing her gaze on me. "What was that?" She questions me.

I panic and connect my mind to Steve's. What do I say! Can we trust her? I don't even know what just happened!

Could it be a new power? He thinks in a calming tone.

I-I don't know... I've never gotten new one's before

Peggy notices us exchanging glances and turns back to Steve. "What is going on?"

It's okay. We can trust her. Steve reassures me. I nod and disconnect our heads.

I take a deep breath and connect my mind to Peggy's.

That was me. Her head whips around back to me and looks at me in shock. "How did you do that?"

"Do what?" Howard says confused. I glance at him and connect our minds. This.

"You're telepathic?" He asks both surprised and excited.

Yeah. I think to all of them, partially because I can't really find my voice right now.

I've only gone through telling someone once before this. Steve has known for as long as I can remember and I told Bucky a few years ago. I was surprised that the boys weren't more surprised that I knew what they were thinking all the time. I half expected Bucky to run for the hills.

What could've just happened though, it could be possible that this is just a new power but it happened when I touched Steve.

"Hold on." I turn away from them all back to the sub. "I think I know what happened."

I hook my hands around the bottom rim of the sub and take a deep breath. I use every bit of strength and try and lift it. At first it doesn't budge, but after a second I get it up off the ground a few inches.

I let go and it crashes back to the floor with a loud thud. I turn back to them, all of their eyes wide.

"Umm, short explanation, I have powers and I think I just absorbed some of Steve's." I say quickly.

Peggy slowly nods and her face expressions say that she's trying to make sense of it all. "Okay." She says. "I'm going to prepare for London." She says before walking away.

Once she leaves Howard becomes like another limb. "How long have you had your powers?"

"As long as I can remember."

"Can you control minds?"

"If I could I would make you go away."

"How close do you have to be?"

"Couple blocks."

"Are there others like you?"

"I don't know."

"How do-"

"Seriously?" I raise my eyebrows at him.

"Sorry." He apologizes. "I'm just so fascinated. Who else knows?"

"Just Steve and my finace."

"You're engaged?" He asks surprised.


"Congratulations, he's a very lucky man." He smiles, I'm tempted to look through his mind and see why he's acting strange but it probably wouldn't be very kind to raid someone's thoughts like that.

"Thank you." I nod. After that he lost his sense of curiosity and we all left to prepared for London. Maybe I'll get to see Bucky there....

AN: Okay so it's Saturday and I'm super bored so I'm gonna try and up date a few more chapters today. Possibly get to the Alex Bucky reunion :)

QOTD - Do you think Howard's fascination with Alex is completely scientific?

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