The incident

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      "Please, if you will, I'd prefer if you-" the lunch lady flopped something onto Double D's plate; "Shut up and move."

"Yes ma'am..." He sighed, walking to his seat, eating on the way, for lunch tables are gross and people fling food; "Unsanitation..." He grumbled, forcing a spoonful of the slop into his unwilling mouth. He could barely eat it, so he decided to discard half of it, setting the tray on top of a trash bin.

He shivered, the nasty taste lingering. Then he felt something hit the back of his head. He turned around, seeing Kevin, Tyler and Ethan sitting on top of a lunch table; "Hey double dork!" The redhead called, smirking devilishly.

"Oh dear... Could he leave me be for one day?" He said to himself, bending down to pick up the thrown object, a crumpled piece of paper. He unfolded it, expected in see a list of swears or trashy nicknames scribbled on it.

"You think it's a love letter?" Kevin called again.

Double D looked up, folding his hand into a fist, tightly; "Why, of course not! How could you of all people be capable of writing something with feeling? You can't love!" Double D knew he'd regret saying such fowl things, but he really couldn't hold it in him.

"I... Well... You don't know!" Kevin said in a childish manner, looking away.

Double D knew he won the battle, regardless of the... Rewards he'd get from the jocks for talking back it was well worth it.

Kevin store at his hands...

He knew how to love...

And he'd prove it to!

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