Impulse x reader

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I decided to make a one shot today cause I've started feeling a little better, and I got inspired by a song. If u were wondering, the song is called kissin u by Miranda Cosgrove. I'm a big fan of birdflash, so one day I just came across the song. Oh and I don't own the pic. One last thing: in this story you are part angel, so you can fly (wings) and you have the power of fire element. Your superhero name is Bluejay. And it is kind of the same, kid of different than the episode bloodlines. Ok, on with the story!
(Your pov.)
Nightwing, Robin, me, and Beastboy was in the main room talking about the krolataians (is that how u spell it?) when the monotone voice of the computer rang out,
"Warning. Unknown energy impulse detected."
We all got into a fighting stance, and backed up when the room lit up with electric energy. Out of nowhere a machine of some sorts appeared, and the energy died down. The door starts to open, and Nightwing takes out his escrima (lol don't think that's right..) sticks, Robin his bo staff, I take out my (Y/W) (your weapon), and Beastboy gets into a fighting stance. We are all ready. Or so we thought. None of us were ready for the boy wearing red and grey to pop out of the machine and yell,
"Ta duh!"
"Intruder alert." Rang the computer.
"Computer, lockdown cave," Nightwing commanded.
"Well, I think we found our unknown energy impulse," Beastboy thought aloud.
"Impulse? That's so crash! Catchy, one word, like Nightwing, and Robin. Beastboy and Bluejay are two words. Bluebeetle's two words. Hey, is he here too? Never mind. Impulse can find out for himself! Ha!" He said before running off in a flash. So 'Impulse' is a speedster? He's cute too. I thought. But Nightwing shook me out of my thoughts by saying,
"You three. Take him down now!" Robin ran after him, Beastboy turned into a cheetah, and I flew. Before I was out of earshot, I herd Nightwing mutter,
"What's 'crash'?"
-------------(timeskip brought to you by me lazyness)------------------------------
It took a wile, but we sort of cornered Impulse and before he could get away, Nightwing came out of pretty much nowhere (cause that's his thing) and body slammed Impulse to the ground. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the cutie, wait did I just think that? Ok, on to pretending that I didn't just call him a cutie. At least no one heard. Nightwing cuffed Impulse before he could get up.
"Now that was crash." He said.
"For you, maybe. Me? I'm totally feeling the mode," he then looked over at me, "but you are totally crash." I blushed, and looked down at the floor. Beastboy gave me a weird look, but I ignored him.
"My name's Bart Allen. Ya know, grandson of Barry Allen? The Flash."
"Noted. Not believed, but noted." Beastboy said, using his signature word.
"What's not to believe? I've clearly got Flash's speed, his amazing good looks, quite frankly, I can't wait to meat him! Uhh.. You know, back when he was in his prime." I giggled at that, and Bart laughed a little to. Nightwing then walked into the room and said,
"Well, Bart, coming to the past must have worked up quite a thirst," and he brought the water up to Bart's mouth.
"Thanks." He said, and took a sip. "Oh ahh. You're trying to get a DNA sample. My spit. Here." And he spit into the cup. Then Mal opened the hanger door. "Well, it's been crash, but I gotta go," he said. Then he vibrated his (omg I feel bad those four words) hands and feet ( now I feel worse. Ima shut up now) out of the cuffs, ran over and picked me up bridal style, and sped over to Mal.
"Hi Mal. Bye Mal." He said. Mal just had a confused expression as we sped away. (This is were the story differs from the episode) He sped up to the top of the mountain, where the sun was just setting. He put me down and said,
"I just met you, and this is crazy, but I think I like you." (Did anyone else think of the call me maybe by Carley Rae jempson? Ha. Ok I'm gone again.) I couldn't say anything, I just looked into those cute green eyes.
"What am I thinking. We just met. This was a bad ide-" I cut him off by crashing my lips with his (ha. Crash. Get it? Ur mad at me now aren't u). After getting after the initial shock of me kissing him, he kissed back. It felt magical. All my thoughts and worries faded into nothingness. Sparks flew like electricity. At that moment in time, I didn't want to be anywhere else. Time just stopped. We broke away, both of us breathing heavy from lack of oxygen. "If that wasn't crash, I don't know what is," I said, still trying to catch my breath.
"Yea. So crash!" He repeated. Then we just looked into the sunset and enjoyed the time we had together. We would worry about the team later. I'm positive that with his super speed, they'll let him join. I don't know how I knew, I just felt it in my bones.
I included some lines from the song in that. Like I said, that song was my inspiration. Oh and sorry for the constant interruptions. Lol. Oh and before anyone asks, I'm not telling you to go kissing strangers. Don't do that.
Bye my lovely peeps!

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