Chapter 5 | It's A Lie Pie

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"Jordan," I hum, running my hand through his tangled hair as I sit myself next to his sleeping body. "Pst, Jordan!"

A slight groan reverberates through his chest, cheek smushed up against my pillow as he flutters his eyes open for a split second before shutting them again with conviction.

I take notice that the tylenol and water I left for him last night are gone, and the glass is bone dry. I suppose sometime early in the morning he must have woken up and realized what a shitty mistake he made.

"If you don't wake up within the next minute I'm not letting you have any of the coffee and pancakes I made."

He crinkles his nose, "That's what that smell is. It's making me sick."

"No, I think half a bottle of vodka that you downed is what's making you sick." I tug at the roots of his dark hair, causing him to shove my hands away as I giggle.

Despite the roller coaster of emotions I went on last night, I had no intentions of grilling him the second he woke up. Sure, I'm a little hurt that both Jordan and my brother left a very large piece of information out when I asked how've they been. But, I do fully believe in giving people space.

If and when Noah, or Jordan — maybe both — were ready to divulge a private part of their life to me, I would be welcoming and waiting with open arms.

However, I fully plan to underhandedly tease them about it until they spill the beans.

"Jesus, how long have you been up?" Jordan grunts, carefully rolling over on his back.

"Firstly, as flattered as I am, my names Sage, not Jesus." I tease, earning a pinch to my leg from him. At least he feels good enough to abuse me. "And I've been up for an hour, it's only twenty past eleven."

"In the morning?!" He peeks on eye open, still managing to glare at me.

"No, at night..." I drawl out as sarcastically as I can. "Yes, in the morning! I can open the blinds to prove it to you if you'd like?"

He reaches up to grip my arm, halting me from moving an inch. "No, please do not do that. My head is pounding and I'm pretty sure if you let any more light into this room I'll explode."

"That is a bit dramatic, Batman." I rub his arm soothingly, the nickname causing a dazed smile to paint his lips. "Can I get you anything?"

"A new brain that doesn't hurt as much-"

"I told you to stop thinking so hard." I grin, playfully wiggling my brows even though he's hardly looking at me.

He rolls his eyes under the closed lids, ignoring my innocent jab. "And a stomach that doesn't feel so queazy, please."

"We're fresh out of brain's and stomach's, but I can get you some medicine, water, coffee, and some nice filling pancakes that'll soak up all that alcohol."

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