Theon Greyjoy - Cold Water

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Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) :  Major Lazer - Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)

  "And if you feel you're sinking,

I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you

And although time may take us into different places

I will still be patient with you"  

The cold breeze of the North hit your face biting your cheeks, a wave of coldness rushing through your body. You were never the one to run from the cold, probably because you enjoyed it, but this morning was colder than any before. Winter was coming, you were more aware than ever before.

Pulling your bow, you aim for the small circle in the middle before releasing the arrow hitting straight for the aiming point. Because of all your attention directed towards your target, you never noticed a two shadows leaning on the cold stone walls following your every move.

Theon Greyjoy was a boy of no more than 18 summers behind him. His posture tall and proud as he assisted his friend and your brother Robb Stark. Through your growing up, your brothers, Theon and you had done lots of mischief around Winterfell. Most of which were aimed towards Sansa. Occasionally Arya would join, if she were to escape needle work.

And throughout all these years you never noticed him looking over you and making sure you came home safe from all your riding trips. You never noticed him following you down to the market and pushing sleazy boys out of your way. Just like you didn't notice him now.

"Go over. Come on do it. Theon move!" You heard Robb speak in a hushed manner.

Out of the corner of your eyes you noticed him poking Theon's side before pushing him forward.

"Theon, stop it! Seven hells Greyjoy, you bedded more women then I had ever laid eyes on and yet you can't speak to my little sister."

Theon sighed and started making his way over to where you were training. He stops behind you waiting for you to turn around and notice him. Robb starts to laugh and when you don't' seem to turn around, deliberately, Theon clears his throat.

"Hey Theon." You said trying your best not to laugh at the poor lads' face.

Stumbling over his own words he manages to slip the worst possible sentence." Hi! Do you come here often?"

You tilt your head to the side and squint your eyes, Robb was already on the floor laughing along with Jon who seemingly suppressed the urge to lay down and shame Theon even more.

"Theon we're both living here. We train here almost every day with Jon and Robb."

He scratches his head nervously, "Yeah well..." Theon begins to fidget around nervously and you laugh slightly.

"You obviously wanted to something so what is it?"

"Forget it, wasn't important." He mumbles and walks back to Robb kicking him in the back of his head. You watch him for a moment and shrug, going back to your training.

Robb soon follows Theon, his laugh echoing through the walls making Winterfell somewhat warmer. Jon decided to join you and pick up some of your archery tricks, after all you weren't the best archer in Winterfell for nothing.

"What do you think Theon wanted?"

Jon was surprised by your question that in his own confusion he missed the target. With his brows raised and his lips pulled into a straight line, he looked ten years older. Blinking a few times, he brushed a strand of hair out of his face before speaking.

"Have you ever noticed him looking your way?"

You scrunched your face because; Theon looking your way? That was impossible, so much impossible that you chuckled.

"No because he never looks at my way. I would've noticed, nothing goes past me." It was Jon's turn to laugh, you were so innocent it was cute in a strange way.

"Y/A he likes you, No-"He shook his head. "He loves you. Did you ever think why Father never caught you sneaking up late at night into the stable and taking his horse out for a ride?"

You shook your head, cheeks red." Theon would wait for you at night and clean the horse once you left it. He always made sure it looked exactly as you left him."

Theon Greyjoy always made sure you'd never lack of things, yet you never even given him a second glance until today. You never wanted to admit it to yourself, but the little crush you had for him grew massively after this information.

Jon rolled his eyes and motioned for you to follow the foolish boy sulking behind your idiot of a brother Robb.


"This is rich; I should be telling Yara about this. She would have a fit." Robb said while laughing and looking shocked at the same time. He nudges you lightly in the side," Theon! You were supposed to confess your undying love for her, not make a fool out of yourself."

"Well I'm sorry. What was I supposed to say?" He spat back, tired of Robb's laughing.

He bit his tongue to prevent him from throwing insults at him. He still hasn't forgotten about Maria and the way the famous heartthrob Robb Stark stuttered through every word. He was so confused and embarrassed the poor girl thought he was mentally challenged. Theon had a great laugh.

"I don't know something like 'hey want to fuck over in that closet'?"

Theon snorted at the thought. Surely Robb knew he was talking about his sister.

"Yes very funny. That never works." Theon sits down, crossing his arms over his chest, "She's just a little intimidating."

"I would disagree to that." You say, standing behind Theon. Robb and Jon had subtly motioned for you to come over without Theon noticing, so you had been standing behind him for a while, listening in on their conversation. Theon spins around staring at you in shock, looking back and forth between Robb and yourself.

"Want to fuck over in that closet?" You ask jokingly and Theon almost chokes. You start to laugh, "Sorry that was a joke."

"A bad one." Theon said while regaining his breath.

"Yes I figured I just ask since I'd probably be very old until you finally ask me out." You smile, reaching your hand out to him and pulling him up.

"Right now?"

"Yep why not? Come on Greyjoy, I want to go out while I'm still young."

You both smile at each other, leaving the Winterfell together for a ride, totally ignoring your surroundings because you're so focused on Theon.

Of course Ned Stark was totally aware of you leaving his home, much to his wife's displeasure.

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