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"Disaac" Lydia looked satisfied.

"what?" Isaac asked, clearly not paying attention the first time because Danny was leaning over the counter, talking to Stiles with jeans that made his ass look great.

"Disaac. You and Danny are Disaac and can you please stop looking at Danny's ass for five minutes and listen when I'm talking to you!" Lydia obviously said that too embarrass him and it worked. Danny smiles at him while Stiles laughed hard. Isaac turned bright red and averted his eyes away from Danny.

He was new to relationships. Danny wasn't though and he was grateful that Danny was his first kiss and taught him how to trust. He imagined what his father would think of it all, if he wasn't dead and Isaac had come out to him. Two words: Black. Eye.

He shuddered. No more beatings, Isaac he thought just peace. All he had ever wanted really, was to be peaceful and happy. Which he was. Another thing to be grateful for.

Danny had started sleeping in Isaacs bed, after a week of being in a relationship. It was also when they had their first time, well, not Danny but Isaac. It was sweet, slow and steady. It was nothing like Isaac had ever thought it would be, it had left him breathless and in love. They had cuddled after as well, Danny was quite the cuddler.

Isaac licked his lips. "I feel like going for a jog. Danny are you coming?" He asked sweetly. Danny correctly translated this to 'lets go to your house and have sex' and followed him out the door.

He watched them leave. "I have to admit, they are cute together."

Lydia smiled. "yeah, I love Disaac!"

Stiles smirked "wouldn't you and Jackson be Jydia?"

" Erica and Boyd would be Berica-"

"-and Allison and Scott would be Scallison, oh my god that's hilarious." Stiles laughed

Lydia wanted to get him to talk about Derek so she said " where's Derek?" And studied Stiles like a specimen under a microscope.

"In his room probably. I don't really know what he does in his spare time beside working out or talking to Cora." He stated, thinking about him.

"He's nicer now that the pack is closer isn't he?" She queried, looking for anything that she could report to team sterek afterwards.

Stiles smiled. "Yeah, he's opening himself up, little by little. He smiles now, its nice."

Lydia tried not to scream at how she wanted to literally shake Stiles and shout in his face that he should totally be with Derek, but she settled for asking what stiles thought about him.

"Well I think we are all to quick to judge him. Yeah he's a sourwolf with a hell of a bitch face but we seem to forget that he cares about all of us really. He built us a house for fuck sake." Stiles gestured around the room.

Lydia smiled. Stiles was totally in love with the brooding sourwolf, Derek Hale. "totally. This is an amazing house by the way."

Stiles snorted. "Your saying that because you helped design it, Lydia."

The big contemplation he had in his room a day ago, still left him unsure of his emotions. He had thought about Stiles and his heart rate picked up, he felt affectionate about him. He had thought about how much he liked his smell, his pale skin and his cute little smile and concluded that he was attracted to him. But no. He shouldn't be.

A part of Derek wanted to throw Stiles into walls everytime he saw him in frustration. He wanted the kid to shut the hell up and do what he was supposed to be doing.

Another part of Derek wanted to kiss him. He wanted to wrap his arms around Stiles Stilinski and feel his lips against his. That part admired the boys smarts, his quick thinking and his ability to think outside the box. That part felt attraction to the way he smiled at Derek even though he wasn't smiling back, the way if Derek insulted him then he would forgive him without a moments hesitation and the way that he looked absolutely perfect, but didn't know it. This part of Derek's thinking got louder by the day, it made it hard to be around the boy but made him want to be around him more.

But there was another part, a bit quieter but very well listened to. That part warned Derek and reminded him of Paige and Kate. That if Derek were to go in a relationship that the person would either betray him, or he would betray them. You see, Derek had his pack but he was always cut off from them. He didn't want to get too close because when the almighty Derek fucking Hale got close to people, they got hurt. He was not allowed to have it nice, nope whatever superior, all-powerful being had made that pretty clear. He didn't believe in God anymore. He didn't believe in the fact that he was all powerful and Good. He was one or the other to Derek. If he was omnipotent as they say he was then God could've stopped the burning of the innocent family members. But he didn't. So if he is all powerful, then he is an asshole. If he wasn't then why would he be God if he was impotent.

There was this text from the ancient Greeks text book in high school he had remembered:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able but not willing? then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

So after the back and forth arguing with himself, he had decided to wait it out. Act normal and wait till he got over Stiles. But there was a problem. He felt strangely connected to the boy and his wolf was urging him to go for it. He did not want Stiles to get hurt even if he did feel the same way about Derek. He had a suspicion that Stiles did but he had treated him like crap so no good would come out of proclaiming his feelings.

Derek's wolf told him that Stiles was his mate and he really didn't know what to do. With mating, its a choice, well love isn't a choice but you do have a choice wether to mate or not. Mating was just sex with a mating bite afterwards. No big deal. If Stiles really was Derek's mate, then it would be painful to see him with someone else for the rest of his life. Its very hard to find other mates than the one that you are originally drawn to. Sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes a wolf wants to mate with another wolfs mate and it just gets complicated. Derek felt lost.

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