Kissing Games - Ray Ray & China Ann McClain Love Story [ On HOLD <3.)

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China's P.O.V

I'd just came back from the set of A.N.T Farm. I was going to wait for Ray Ray to come pick me up. Me and Ray have been friends since 3rd grade. I saw him krumping with Tommy the Clown. Ever since then we've been friends. We've been there for each other for EVERYTHING ! From boyfriend problems to girlfriend problems , break-ups , family issues etc. But ever since , I've always had feelings for him. To the point when I'd do ANYTHING for him. But it always seemed like a bro/sis type relationship. Problem is... I don't know if he feels the same way. 

I heard blasting music pulling up. I knew it was Ray. I stepped out in the warm - cool air. Ray got out the car and opened the door for me. He's such a gentleman. "Hey China !" he said while smiling. " Hey Ray ! So.. what's been going on today ? " I asked. " Uh , nothing really , I was just hanging with Princeton today. Couldn't wait to see you ! " he said with the biggest grin on his face. " And why is that ? " I asked. " Because you're my bestie and I love you. Plus I can't wait to beat you in MW3 " he said while driving.  We both laughed because he knows I LET him win. Thats what I loved about him, we could joke around without being serious.

"Aye China." 

" What ?" 

" So... You wanna go to Zendaya's party with me ?"

" Sure , but why'd you ask me ? Why didn't you ask one of your honeys ?"

" I don't know. I was just wondering , but if you don't wanna go.. "

" I NEVER said that"

" Okay , so you're going right ?" 

" Yes , Ray ! " I said with a huge smile.


We arrived at his house. " Mom ?! " he called but got no answer. It didn't matter though, his mom wouldn't mind either. " So you wanna play MW3 ?" , Ray asked with the xbox 360 controller in his hand. It took me a second to answer because I was thinking this would be the perfect time to tell him my feelings. " Umm.. actually.." I hesitated. " Yeah , sure. I'm gonna win anyway."  

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