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Please, please, please tell me who I should choose to play the characters of Ryder and Tamara.

Below are my choices for Ryder. Tell me who you like better. Please!!!

Wade Poezyn :

Wade Poezyn :


Andrea Denver :

Andrea Denver :


Tamara's POV:

"I need to change first." I told Trevor as I was about to get out of his car. He and I were currently outside my house.

It was getting pretty late and dark. And it was the perfect timing to interrogate Hayley.

"Alright, I'll get the cameras." Trevor told me.

"From where?" I asked, curious as to how he was going to manage the cameras from.

"I have my connections." He replied. I could see the mischievous glint in his dark eyes, under the pale light of the moon.

"Obviously, you do." I gave him a smirk and got out of the car.

Trevor waited till I got inside and then I saw the headlights of his car fade into the distance.

Flicking on the lights of the living room, I noticed that my parents weren't home.

I made my way towards my room and jumped into the shower. The warm water relaxed my nerves and calmed my senses.

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