the field trip

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Naruto was being pushed in his wheelchair by his older brother as the fox was jumping happily smiling as he couldn't sit still he was just two excited he was packed and was excited he missed going to the forest menma had followed behind with his own bag same with kyuubi.

Sasukie was with Sasuke and itachi as they were packed and ready to go though they did shown there excitement well except for sasukie sort of as there was a lot going on as they entered the bus naruto was shaking slightly from both fear and excitement as he sat with kyuubi and menma while sasuke sat with sasukie and itachi.

The ride was long as naruto fell asleep and laid his head on kyuubi should.

Sasuke was reading since they had to wake up early for this sasukie was already asleep on itachi while menma slept on naruto kyuubi had also fallen asleep.

Like half of the hold bus was asleep except for the bus driver and some of the teachers were still awake.

Soon after hours the bus did a pit stop and allowed anyone who needed to use the bathroom to go right no.

Naruto was fine though he was hungry and since menma had left for the bathroom sasuke got up and sat beside naruto who smiled happily "hey how ya feel naru" sasuke asked softly rubbing naruto head "I'm good sasuke" naruto says while smiling happily at him.

They talked until menma returned and sasuke sat down in his original seat while menma sat beside naruto ad they were off.

The road trip was long and boating naruto felt like he wasn't gonna make his excitement was leaving him so kyuubi detracted him with videos for him to watch and naruto smiled while watching.

After a while naruto fell asleep on his older brother agian.

Menma had fallen asleep on naruto agian kyuubi looked out the window wondering were the bus was going.

Sasuke and sasukie were now talking happily about a lot of random things.

Soon the bus stopped and everyone but naruto and menma who were still asleep look at the teacher in the front "all right everyone please stand up and get ready to go" the lady says with  a cheerful voice as everyone got up and grabbed there belongings kyuubi woke up his brothers as naruto didn't want to wake up neither did menma so kyuubi decided to just hold them instead while the 3 uchiha's held there luggage.

They walked off the buss and many people were talking some about how much naruto and menma are being baby ed and since kyuubi had long hair he was mistaken for a female.

Menma being the first one to wake up he got out of kyuubi arms and grabbed his bag from sasukie and put it on sleepy as he was rubbing his eyes tiredly as for naruto he hadn't woken up yet so he staid in kyuubi arms "alright everyone pick a partner" the lady says happily with excitement Sakura was so close to asking sasuke to be her partner but she was beat to the punch as itachi has already asked him so she decided to join his team but once again beaten to the punch as he had a group of 6 of ready she didn't know who was in the group and that ticked her off, as she standed by ino who was also a bit ticked off.

"Why are you mad" sakura asks "cause sasukie already have a partner and a group how about you" ino asked "cause sasuke already has a partner and a group" sakura says growling as the two girls looked at each other and thought of the perfect plan "let's find out who" they both said keeping an eye on there loved ones.

Kyuubi held the still sleeping naruto as he looked at around he seemed so happy about being in the outdoors a lot.

Sasukie had partnered up with menma while sasuke partnered up with itachi.

Everyone was sort of even and the 6 were together anyways so meh.

Hinata partnered with neji

Kiba and akamaru

Shikamaru and choji

And they teamed up into a group of 6

Once everyone was in there groups they went to there cabins just to set there luggage down.

"Hey Shikamaru" choji says as he looked to his friend "ya what is it cho"  Shikamaru says as he stopped what he was doing "what do you think the teacher are planing" choji asked as the raven shrugged "don't know don't care" he says as the brunette huffed and went back to what he was doing in the first place.

Neji and hinata shared a room that had separate beds and separate closets but only 1 bathroom though Neji didn't really mind nor did he care all he wanted to know is when this trip will be over.

For Kiba and akamaru they shared a room but since the teacher didn't want that shino had to par up with Kiba who was disappointed and unhappy with the teachers decision.

So shino had left sometime ago while kiba was unpacking his stuff just to get ready to go "don't worry akamaru it'll be fun OK I'm sure of it" Kiba says happily smiled and akamaru barked in appoval wagging his tail.

The two stayed in the room a little longer before they left to join the others unknown of there being a sertuan bug that was in the room the whole time still.

Walking out kiba and akamru said his to naruto who was sitting by menma "you need to stop disappearing so much" kiba says as he lightly punched naruto who just laughed "sorry guess mother nature doesn't like me that much huh" naruto replied laughing softly "oh you bet every time i turn around your either gone missing, sick, in the hospital, or just really depressed were is the energetic knuckle head we all miss and love so much" kiba says as naruto laughed happily.


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