Chapter 1 Quick Chat

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I got back from boring school. "Did, you have a good day?" Mom asked as I came threw the door. "Yeah, I guess." I said shrugging. I went upstairs to my room. I laid my backpack down on my fluffy chair. I got on my bed. I decided to go on kik. I wanted to make new friends, but first I wanted to talk to my real life friends. Savannah and Payton.

Katelyn: What up my bitches?!

Savannah: Lol. Nothing much, wbu?

Payton: Doing stupid homework.

Katelyn: Nothing. I feel sorry for u Payton.

Payton: Same

Savannah: I wanna go do something with u guys this weekend.

Katelyn: Well, I'm up for it, but where??

Payton: I was kinda thinking we all just stay at my place and watch movies, eat snacks, and get on the internet.

Savannah: That sounds like the best day of my life.

Katelyn: YASSSS!!!


Savannah: I gtg guys, I'll see you tomorrow!!!

Katelyn: Awww okay bye

Payton: Aw!!! Bye!

Savannah left the chat!

Katelyn: I gtg moms calling me for dinner. I talk to u tommrow bye!

Payton: kk bye!

I turned my phone off. "Coming!" I called. I went downstairs. "Is dad still at work?" I asked grabbing a plate. "Yeah, but he'll be home soon." Mom said smiling. "Oh, okay." I said. My little brother Jacob, already had food all over his face. I laughed and grabbed a napkin and wiped his face off. He's only three. After I filled my plate with what I wanted, I sat down and ate.


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