Im sorry

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  When I heard the door shut I broke down. I feel like a asshole I didn't know. My baby. It made sense not wonder she told me to stay away from Raven. My hardheaded ass didn't listen. I climb in bed.

    After about a hour I hear her come back in. I hop up. Her eyes are red shit did she cry. I had only seen Adrianna cry once before that was when she told me her parents died. She goes straight outside. I put on her shirt and go outside.

"Baby" I whisper. She lights a cigar and smokes it. I've never seen her smoke. She stares forward.

"Baby I'm sorry" I whisper to her. She does the unexpected and kisses me hard enough to make my lip bleed.

"Don't you ever in you life go by what your friends says and assume I'm cheating understand?" She says when she pulls away. I nod.

"I love you" I say.

"I love you too" she says with a warm smile it melts my heart.

              *3 months later*


   Bae and I been going strong. She doesn't like what I do but its not much she can do to stop it. Hell if I could I would. I was thinking about getting us a apartment but I don't know yet. I was at Randy's house she was laying on me. She looks up and starts kissing me. I don't reject I can tell its out of love not lust.

"MIRANDA TATIANA REYNOLDS!!" her very pissed off woman in nurse scrubs say. The woman has brown hair look like Miranda

"Mama" Miranda says.

"Mama?" I ask. The woman goes out the room and I get up. I hear her going down the hall I hear a gun cock.

"Shit!" I say and never in my life have I jumped out a window that quick and instantly started booking it.



   Cliffhanger I know I had to do it don't lol But this book is gonna be a little shorter than I thought I got another twist in it so hope ya like :)


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