Harry Styles

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Don't have much to say in this authors note other than it's short but I really don't give a flying fadoodle. Yes I just said that.

But anyway I think that's how I'm going to do them, short, yet I'll update faster. So that's a bit of a plus for you guys that are actually interested in reading.

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"Hi," I said curtly, my eyes trained on his brown ones. How, out of all the days, did One Direction happen to be in the Los Angeles airport the same day as me.

"You look, you look great! I haven't seen you in so long Gabby!" Liam exclaimed, approaching me slowly. I take a step back and he immediately stopped. "What's wrong?"

"You couldn't bother to text me for 6 months yet now you greet me with open arms?"

"Gabriela, I tried to text you, I really wanted to, but it'd only make us both hurt worse. Think about it, you were already missing me enough, texting you would've made it worse."

My eyes watered and I shook my head, "I still missed you more either way."

Li sighed, "I really did miss my best friend though, and now that we're together for a little bit I wanna make it up to you. How about lunch today?"

"I guess that gives me enough time to unpack."

"You've moved here?" He asked and I nodded, eyes now trained on the familiar boy approaching the two of us.

"Oi, mate, the vans leaving. We've got to go." One of his band mates spoke, and he looked at me. "Oh hi, I'm Harry. What's your name?"

"I'm Gabriela. Liam's friend." Harry shook my hand politely and Liam interjected.

"She's my best friend. I'm going out to lunch with her later to catch up."

"Ace. Now are you coming or not? You can ride with us if you'd like Gabriela?"

I shook my head, smile etched on my face, "No thanks. I've got a taxi waiting. It was nice to meet you though."

"The pleasures all mine. Say you look familiar, have a seen you on a magazine cover?" He asked cheekily and I blushed.

"Okay Styles stop flirting with her. Now I'll have to drag you out of here."

"I'm only making conversation with an attractive female!"

"Yeah Li, lighten up!" I giggled, and notice my mood has brightened from before. Seeing my best friend after a long period of time is a lot to take in in one day.

"Maybe if Liam doesn't hog you for the whole timewe're here I can take you for dinner?"

"You've literally just met her!" Liam exclaimed and I can't help but nod.

"He's right. I don't go out with guys I just met."

"Hmm seems fair. What if I took you out just to get to know you, then I'll take you out for a proper date?" Harry's eyes send pleading signals and I sighed.

"Only if we just order in and stay on the couch the whole time."

"We've got a deal. Now c'mon dear Liam, lets go."

Liam face palmed, "Don't let him try anything."

I nodded, "Don't worry you know how strict I am. Have fun Li."

"I will and also text me your address so I can pick you up for lunch."

"And just text me!" Harry called behind him and Liam smacked the back of his head.

"Whatever curly!"

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