Chapter 15:

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"It will all be over soon, okay?"

"Okay." I whispered back.

"I spoke to the principal and it will totally be fine if you took some rest at home, I told him to not tell anyone about what happened, since you don't need anything more going on in your life, okay? You can take a week off. I was given permission to take care of you and make sure you're fine and get you back to school whenever you decided to, since I was the one who supposedly found you and saved you."

"Woah, Jer, so much already?"


"And hello, I was the one who saved your scrawny ass!" I laughed, well tried to.

Jeremy's lips were still swollen up a bit, his forehead was covered with a huge bandage. And he held an ice pack, which he kept using for his cheeks and eye every now and then.

"Hey! What? I thought I would be all hero and save you and hit all of them and shit, who knew it was so much more difficult then they showed in movies. How the hell do you beat up 3 people plus save the girl man? Such liars I tell you!" He pouted.

I giggled again, "Yeah yeah, now stop giving excuses. We're alright."

"Yes we are."

He leaned down and kissed my forehead.

We were in the hospital room, waiting for the nurse to return back with the results. Since mom had left so much money with me it was enough to pay hospital bills and take care of my health.

"ANNA OH MY GOD WE WERE SO WORRIED. SHIT" Maddison yelled as soon as she opened the door.

"Damn you smartass, we're in the hospital!" I yelled back, not annoyed though.

She burst out laughing. Then, came and hugged me tightly.

"Bitch, easy there, I'm kind of sore!"

"Oh" she blushed, pulling back.

As if on cue, Andrew, Mason, Lisa and Andy waltz inside. They all gave me something or the other, see, this is my family.

Jeremy got me chocolates.

Maddison got me an amazing 'get well soon' card with a collage of our pictures, and in the back she had written inspiring words about me. I was in awe.

Andrew got me beautiful flowers.

Mason got be a huge fluffy bear.

Andy got me pepper spray and we all burst out laughing. So thoughtful of him

Lisa got me, A LOT. She got me an entire makeup kit, and she totally used it on me. Well, I can't deny that I did look pretty so I decided to roll with it. She got me bracelets, a new dress and heels. Well, she sure spent a fortune.

Everyone was here, where was Ashton? I mean I know that I am supposed to be mad at him and loathe him, but at the end of the day he is my bestfriend. And, I can't stay mad at him for too long either. No matter what, there is NOTHING in this humongous world that could make me stop loving Ashton. When I said I loved him, I totally meant it.

'And when this is all gone, the pretty girl, the good life, I'll be standing there just by your side, like always. And you wouldn't even need to say a word. You know why? Because that’s what best friends do'

That, that’s exactly what I told Ashton. A year back, but I remember my promise, I remembered the words I said, and I will stick with them.

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