Chapter Fifteen

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(Things go down in this chapter)

       Today was the day, Ivy had agreed to help Joker out this once. Harley was happy that she could do this with her best friend and her loving sweetheart.
     "Alright! C'mon Harley! Ivy! I have Croc in the sewers he's gonna help us! Get in the car! Now! hurry!" Joker ordered. Harley and Ivy hurriedly ran to the car and hopped in.
     "Bossy much?" Ivy muttered under her breath. Harley waited quietly and squeezed Ivy's arm. Ivy smiled at that.
     "Thanks Red, for helpin' me and Mistah J." Harley said. Ivy wrapped her arm around her waist.
     "No problem, Pigtails." Ivy replied. Then Joker hopped in the driver seat.
     "Let's go!" Joker said as he started the car. The engine roared as we sped off into the streets. Ivy held onto Harley's arms for dear life.
Soon enough Joker pulled behind Arkham Asylum. Guards walked towards the car suspiciously. Joker shot each of them with his gun. Then they searched one of the guards and stole his access card. Then Harley started to walk in along with the Joker. Ivy stayed out and started to cover the building with plants.
Joker walked through and his behind a corner. As a doctor walked by he grabbed him and pushed him into the closet and stabbed him with his knife that was in his pants pocket.
  Then Joker stoke his clothes and left him in nothing but his boxers. Then Joker slipped on the clothes over his own clothes and walked out. He also wore awhile doctors mask covering his face.
Harley did the same thing but to a female doctor and walked around to find Joker. Luckily she found the Joker with no problems.
     "Okay I'll go set the patients free, you go take out the guards. " Joker instructed. Harley nodded and walked near the panel that let's out all the patients, guards surrounded them. Harley then killed each of then with a knife.
     "Nighty Night boys, see ya in Hell." Harley giggled as she motioned Joker to over towards her. He walked near her and pulled the switch. When Joker pulled the switch an alarm went off. There were cop cars speeding towards the asylum. The cops busted through the doors.
Joker his beneath the counter and pulled Harley with him.
     "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" a police officer yelled. Joker peeked at saw Batman standing there, observing everything. Joker grinned and stood up. 
     "YOOHOO! Over here Batsy!" Joker shouted. Batman turned around and went after him.joker ran towards the Bat and attacked him with a knife, he jumped up and raised his arm in the air. The knife was inches close to Batman, Luckily Batman grabbed his arm and slammed him to the ground.
Harley started to run and attack the cops.
     "Here piggy piggies!" Harley said as she hit a cop upside the head with her bat.
Harley laughed, until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Nightwing standing there, scowling just like Batman. Nightwing hit her in the face, Harley fought back but twice as hard. She wasn't giving up that easy. Nightwing kicked her in the stomach, she fell backwards on a wide desk. Harley held her stomach, she was going to fight through the pain.
      "Is that all ya got Nightlight?" Harley questioned. Nightwing pushed her back down on the desk and continued to hit her.
Then she kicked him off and jumped over him. She landed perfectly on the ground.
      "By the way Harleen, it's Nightwing!" Nightwing said.
      "Its Harley!" Harley replied angrily.  She ran towards him and he slammed her on the ground. She hit her head on the cold ground. Harley was seeing black, black was all she could see. Harley felt pain shot through her body, just like when she fell into the pool of acid.

The squad might be in the next chapter but I'm not sure

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