Chapter 39: Dinnertime

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Ethan was silently playing with my hair while we laid on the couch snuggled up under my bearskin blanket. We were watching 'The Goonies,' because we decided to have a mini-marathon of all our favorite childhood movies.

He had fixed me some leftovers that Derek had left in the refrigerator at first while we watched 'The Sandlot' first. Next, he said that we had to watch 'Jurassic Park' to which he was convinced that he could easily take a Velociraptor. According to him, 'They are just a bunch of damn overgrown lizards sunshine. I'm pissed they're extinct, I think a skin of one would be nice to have.'

It was a perfect afternoon. He would kiss me every now and then, careful not to go near my neck or near the areas that were banged up and safely underneath his shirt that fit me more like a dress than anything else.

He was playing with a piece of my hair while I drifted between sleep and awake on his chest. I think we were on the part where the kids were sliding down the tunnel-waterslide thing in the movie, but I wasn't sure. I was practically purring with contentment for my current status.

"What time did Miranda say?"

I yawned a little and snuggled into him like a kitten. "Not sure. I don't think she did."

He was quiet for a minute then let out a sigh. "Thomas just said seven."

"It's close to six," I added.

He grumbled and pulled me tighter against him. "We could always skip?"

"No, we can't that would be rude, especially this close to it."

Ethan sighed tiredly and kissed my shoulder. "Are you sure?"

"Ethan..." I looked up at him to see blue-green eyes staring innocently back at me. I huffed and rolled my eyes before I started to try and get up. My limbs felt better, but they were still a little sore.

Ethan groaned a bit then stood up with me and scooped my skin up, carrying it to my room for me where he immediately threw himself on my bed and tossed the blanket back over himself. I huffed again as an annoyed growl escaped my lips.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Napping," he replied very matter of factly.


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