4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{78.}

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~Xavier's POV~

"Okay, and that will be $11.28 Xavier...And why was I invited to the party Mister?"

"Oh come on Heather, your working and by the time you get off it will, be over."

"Okay, alright I'll take that but save me some of those cupcakes will ya?" Heather handed me the grocery bag and the receipe. I walked towards the door.

"Did you get the stuff?"

"Yep...So why did you call...and what was the big deal with you moving out last week?"

"I don't know a lot of things have happened Xavier and I just needed to get away from it."

"Sadie, you need to explain better than that, are pregnant or something?"

"Excuse you, I am Not Cassidy...NO Look Im going away to college soon and I just wanted to spend more time with mom, is that a good enough excuse?" Sadies eyes began to water, I started the car and drove back to my mothers house.

"Xavier," She yelled running out the door.

"Hey, MoM...Are you coming to the twins party?"

"Of course honey...I'm going to be bringing a friend with me." Sadie and my mother began to smile.

"What. FRIEND, is it a guy friend?" She remained silent. Sadie cleared her throat.

"Well, he is a guy and Xavier, I've met him he is a cool guy, you may like him."

"If its not dad, I doubt if I will...whats his name?" I said getting angry.

"his name---" Sadie's sentence was cut short when a deep voice rang through the house.

"Vince, Dellapartey..."

"So you're the friend, hmmm... So this is yet another secret I've been left out of when will it end."

"Son, I will never be your father, whit whom I've heard a lot about from this beautiful woman." He place his arm around my mothers sholders and kissed her lighty on the cheek.

"Oh this is gonna be good...POPCORN ANYONE?" Sadie said taking the bag out of my hand and walking into the kitchen. I just stared at the man who had his arm around my mother with hate in my eyes.

"So, Vince would you like anything to drink honey...What about you Xavier?"

"Not Now mom I want to talk to ol' Vince here...Have a seat VINCE."

"Fine, we can talk." he walked smoothly over to the couch. I did the same, sitting on the arm of the chair.

"You look familure, have I met you somewhere?"

"Um, well I work at company your mother works at if that makes a difference."

"Hmmm, I don't know...so how long have you and my mother been together?"

"well, I would say about two and a half months now."

"I hope you don't expect to just show up at my kids birthday party, now do you?" his eyebrow rose.


"That's a good enough answer." I got up and grabbed my keys.

"Xavier...?" Sadie yelled after me.

"What Sadie?"

"Didn't you notice my new car?" she pointed towards the yellow volkswagon bettle sitting in the driveway.

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