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Pen Your Pride

..::chapter one::..

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*Edited, Sohpia pov

Sep 3,  6:50 am    

I'm still in asleep when i'm forced awake by the annoying beeping of my alarm clock, groaning i reach over and slap it and after a second i hear it smash the floor and stop its beeping.

Oops, well looks like i may need a new one but hey i've never been a morning person, and its highly unlikley that i ever will be, And I'm okay with that.

I keep my eyes closed and think about falling back asleep, and i do start to drift off again and go back to my little dream land when i hear feet loudly coming down the hall way and i know its my brother.

"Sophia Blaine get your butt up!" he yells from outside the door then beating it like a freaking cop. . i groan and shove my head under my pillow as he opens the door and i hear my light switch flip on.

"Come on up girl, don't wanna be late for your first day of senior year now do you?" he says and i groan again.

"I don't want to go!" i yell from under my pillow and i hear him sigh and walk up to me and i can see his shadow over me from where he is standing next to my bed and I'm partly in fear of what he's going to do if i don't get up.

Like i said, i'm not a morning person nor do i like school so through out the school year there has been plenty of fighting, draging out of bed, and oh yes cold water thrown on me. .

"Your going honey, I can't just let you stay home and be stupid now can I?" he says sighing and i shrug best i can still tucked in my bed.

"Up right now girly." he says and I mentally roll my eyes at hm calling me 'Girly'

"No!" i yell and he sighs

"Don't make me do this. ." he warns and i brace my self for whatever he is going to do, now i bet your thinking i should just get up already and drag my butt to school, but no. I really hate it and well i don't do anything without a fight, its just the person I am.

"Sophia, you have until the count of three to get out of that bed. One. . Two. . Three." he says and at first nothing happens and i think maybe by some grace he's going easy on me today then the air is knocked out of me from the sudden weight  of a 180 pound guy. .

"Get your fat butt off me!" I yell tossing the pillow off me and trying to catch my breath and he gets off me and I roll onto my back and then before i can even blink he's back over me and he grabs my side tickling me and I let out a high pitch squeal.

"Matt stop!" I yell breathlessly and he just keeps on laughing and does not stop, i try slaping at him and well i might as well be a fly to him i guess.

"Cut it out! Carly! Carly!" i yell and he lets go and takes a step away from me and he gives me a playful glare, and i sit up holding my sides and try to catch my breath.

"Oh that was a lowone, calling the wife on me." he says shaking his head at me and making a tsking sound i just roll my eyes and throw my pillow at him.  

"I hate you." I say trying to sound as evil as I can, though who am I kidding? even I know that was weak sounding. .

"Yeah okay kiddo, get ready. " he says and walks out of my room shutting the door behind him and I groan and just sit on my bed for a moment before getting up and walking over to my dresser and I look at my self in the full length mirror.

And I sigh seeing myself, my hair looks like a freaking bird nested in it. . .

I go across the hall and into the bath-room and i shut and lock the door behind me, wouldn't be the first time someone walked in on me, the problem is the people in this house are far to open. .

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