Chapter 26

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Aphmau POV

Right now, Red, Boomy and I are sitting on the couch while Laurence and Travis are upstairs trying to wake the other two guys up.

"So how do you know these guys?" Red asks.

"Two of them have a crush on me so they moved to live opposite me while the other two just live with them because their good friends. Kawaii-Chan lives across from here. That's were me and Katelyn live but right now, we're 'on holiday'" I say, using air quotes at the end.

"Why didn't you tell them the real reason you are gone?" He asks. I give him a look. "What? Two of them are superheroes so why couldn't they help us?"

"Them two and Cadenza are new to being superheroes. If they joined us then they wouldn't be able to use their powers. Even if I did tell them all, they would want to help and then who would protect the world?" I tell him.

"I guess that makes a good point.  So don't mention it?" He asks. I nod.

"Aphmau!" Suddenly, their are arms around me. Garroth.

"Hey Aph! Long time no see. How's your holiday?" Dante comes down the stairs.

"Hey guys. My holiday is going great. Me and Red are only here for a few hours though. Just until Reds siblings are here. Then we will be gone and back to Katelyn and Cadenza." I explain to them.

"So you're Red? Hello, my name is Dante." He shakes Reds hand.

"Why are you wearing a dinosaur onesie?" Garroth asks. Laurence hits him over the head.

"You don't just ask why people are wearing what they wear!" He shouts at him. He then turns to Red. "I'm Laurence and that's Garroth."

"Sorry." Garroth says.

"It's okay. Me and all of my family all wear dinosaur hoodies. It's our thing." Red says.

"Wait, what's your last name?" Travis asks.

"Vacktor. Why?" Red looks confused.

"I heard about the rainbow Vacktor house. You guys are all named different colours. You guys are very popular on Twitter. You have been since two years ago." Travis looks amazed.

"That's us!" Red says before taking his phone out. "They should be here in about an hour." Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

"I will get it!" Travis says before disappearing in a yellow flash. He walks back in a minute later with Kawaii-Chan Lucinda.

"Aphmau-Senpai. Kawaii-Chan didn't know you were coming!" KC says before running over to hug me. I hug her back.

"Oh Aphmau. How have you been. Where's Katelyn?" Lucinda asks. I explain to them why I'm here.

"Kawaii-Chan misses Aphmau-Senpai and Katelyn-Sama. When will you be back?" Kc asks. I shrug.

"Right now, we are in Canada. We are just exploring and having fun." I tell her.

"Hey Aph, what happened to your leg?" Lucinda asks.

"Oh! I injured it a few days ago. I forgot to take my pain killers today. Do you have any Laurence?" I turn to him. He shakes his head.

"I have a potion of healing. Do you want it?" She takes a pink potion out of her potion bag.

"Yes please. How much for it?" I ask her, taking the potion.

"It's free since you're my friend." She says. I quickly drink the potion and watch my leg quickly heal itself.

"Thank you Lucinda!" I put Boomy on Reds lap before jumping into Lucinda.

"Pink, Yellow and Blue are here. They said to meet at Olive Garden." Red informs me before standing up with Boomy in his arms.

"Already?" I say to him before turning to the others. "Well I guess that we will be going now. It was nice to see you guys again but it's time for me to go back on holiday. See you guy soon!" I wave to them as I start to walk out of the door.

"Wait Jess!" Laurence says. I stop and turn to him. Red is already standing outside while I'm about to take a step out.

"Yeah?" I ask him.

"Why haven't you been answering your mind link? We have all tried to mind link you and Kala won't tell us anything." I freeze, turning around back to Red.

"I Gotta go! Bye!" I take Reds hand and drag him into an alley. They all run past before stopping.

"I guess we won't figure out that then." Laurence sighs before the group turns back.

"Let's go and meet the Vacktors." I squeal before running to Olive Garden. Red is behind me yelling at me to wait. Soon, we reach our destination.

"They should be here in a minute. They just said to order them some food while we wait." Red says before asking for a table of five. He then orders food for us, ordering me a few bags of breadsticks. Hehehe.

"Hey Red! We are here!" I hear somebody shout. I turn to see Yellow waving at us like crazy while Blue is hiding behind Pink.

"Yellow... Stop... Your attracting lots of attention. I don't like that." I hear Blue mumble as they sit down at the table.

"It's alright Blue. It's not so bad." Pink reassures Blue.

"Hi you guys. Long time no see." I say to them. They all turn to me.

"Jess! It's so nice to see you." Yellow smiles brightly at me. Blue shyly waves at me so I hug him since he is next to me.

"Nice to see you guys too. And cheer up Blue. If you're sad, just stick with me and I will cheer you up!" I say to him before letting go.

"Thank you..." He mumbles before he starts to eat his food. Everybody else starts to eat their own food while I eat my breadsticks. Soon, we are finished and I pay using one of Sly's credit cards. What? He won't mind.

"Let's go then. How long will it take?" Says Pink, dragging her suitcase behind her which is also pink. I take all of their suitcases and put it in my storage. "I'm not going to ask where they went." She says. Boomy pops out of my hoodie where he was hidden since he's a creeper. "Not going to ask about that either." She sighs.

"I'm going to teleport us there. Everybody hold onto me." I say as I lead them to an alley. They do as I say. I hand Boomy to Blue who is still looking sad before teleporting us to... Mitch. We all fall on top of him again.

"Why me!" He shouts. Everybody in the room just bursts out laughing except for Blue who goes into the corner and sits down with Boomy in his lap. He looks a little bit happier now.

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