(4 years later)

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Jason POV

I was sleeping when I started to feel sloppy kisses on my my face. 

J: "Elizabeth stop!" 

I kept getting sloppy kisses on my nose.

J: "Baby did you not get enough last night?" I moaned

I then heard giggles. 

I woke up and saw Mason sitting on my stomach. I gave him a smile. 

J: "Hey buddy."

M: "Morning poopy head!"

J: "HEY!"

I said pushing him on his back and tickling him. 

I then looked over at the door way and saw Elizabeth standing at the door way. 

J: "You think that's funny?"

She then walked towards me. And got close to my face. 

E: "I do." She smiled while whispering my ear. 

God did that turn me on. 

I then grabbed her by the arms and threw her  on the bed with Mason and I. 

J: "Get Mommy!"

E: "NO! NO!" She screamed. 

Mason and I started to laugh and kiss her all sloppy, we then started to tickle her. 

Then Mason jumped of the bed and ran out of the room. 

Elizabeth then got on top of me and started to kiss my neck. 

J: "Babyyyyy!" I moaned.

E: "Mhmmmm." She hummed into my neck. 

She then started to grained on me.

I then grabbed her butt and helped her out. 

Just then Mason came up beside the bed. 

M: "What are you doing?"

J: "OH NOTHING!" I said pushing Elizabeth off me. Elizabeth then fell off the bed. 

J: "Oh god baby you okay?" 

E: "Haha yeah."

M: "Mama I'm hungry." 

E: "Okay baby let's go get you something to eat." 

Elizabeth then picked up Mason and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. 

I then went and took a shower. 

Elizabeth POV

I picked up Mason and brought him down stairs. I started to make him some food for him. I made Mason some pancakes, set some down for him to eat and then he dug right in.  I turned around and went to clean the stove. While I was cleaning I felt arms go around my waist. 

J: "Hey did you make me some?"

E: "Yup on the table."

J: "Thanks baby."

Jason then sat down next to Jason. 

J: "Hey little buddy, what'cha eatting?"

M: "Pancakes!"

J: "Oh yumm!"

Jason then started to eat his food. 

I sat down next to Mason and cleaned him up.

M: "Mama!"

E: "Yes baby?"

M: "Can we go to the ocean?"

J: "YEAH!"

E:"I guess?"


J: "I'll be in the car!" 

I then grabbed Mason and we jumped into the car. 

Jason POV

We got to the ocean and started to play by the water. I pulled out my camera and took a picture of both Elizabeth and Mason. 


I then ran up to them and hugged them both. I

J: "I love you both so much maybe getting you was a mistake but now I have a family."

Elizabeth POV

We where at home now we spent the whole day at the ocean. As soon as we walked in the door we saw it was 9 at night. So Jason brought Mason up the stairs and put him in bed. I walked into Jason and my room and changed. When I walked out of the closet I saw Jason on the bed in his boxers and nothing else. I walked over to him put myself under the covers ready to go to bed. Jason shut the lights off and kissed my head. 

J: "I love you baby."

E: "I love you too Jason."

I then shut my eyes thinking of everything we have been through. I thought of the first time we met. The first time he took me. Just everything he did. He was a monster who came out loving. He was this big dick that ended up starting a family with me. I then thought and thought and thought. For a girl who fell in love, everyone with still look at me as the girl who was 'Taken'. 


(Not a lot of people where reading this book so I ended it. Sorry) :) Xoxox 

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