Part Nine.

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Here it is my lovely, wonderful, beautiful readers...after much too long a wait...the FINAL chapter in the Trust Me Series. ENJOY!

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Part Nine.

5 Years Later...

A single snowflake drifted serenely downwards, landing softly on the tip of her nose and dissolving into her skin within moments. She smiled, scrunching her nose up and curling her fingers into her palms, feeling the sting of the blustery Canadian winter air. 

The sound of a door being opened found its way to her eardrums.

“Babe, what are you doing?” Came a raspy voice from behind her, its owner letting out a small amused chuckle as they stepped over the threshold of the door and into the gently swirling scene of wintry snowflake bliss. “Come back inside, it’s freezing out here.”

She felt the person wrap their arms gently around her waist, clasping their fingers together and resting their chin on her shoulder, upon which they planted a soft kiss. 

“It’s so beautiful out here.” Allie McHenry commented quietly, gazing around her at the peacefully falling snow as it blanketed the quiet neighborhood in waves of soft pearl. 

“And way too cold for someone in your condition.” The person holding her murmured in reply, letting go of her waist and reaching for her right hand as it dangled at her side.

She finally broke her attention away from the wintertime scene to gaze upon the concerned-yet-slightly-amused face of Justin Bieber, as he clearly tried to convince her to head back towards shelter and warmth.

She couldn’t manage resisting the protective, yet puppy-eyed look he was giving her, and before long, she found herself being led gently back into the confines of a vast, yet cozy tudor home tucked away amidst groves of tall pines.

“I love Christmas. I just...I love it. It’s my favorite time of year.” Allie stated as Justin pulled her over towards an enormous navy couch. A crackling fire emitting enormous red and orange flames roared to the right of the couch, its glow both warm and inviting. 

Justin chuckled. “I know you do.” He murmured in reply, leaning down and kissing her lovingly on the cheek. 

She smiled up at him, closing her eyes as he leaned down to press his lips against hers.

“Sometimes I think you love it more than me.” Justin mumbled jokingly as he broke apart from her.

She giggled. “Damn,” She commented teasingly. “You caught me.”

He laughed, his soft brown eyes sparkling with the utmost elation and adoration for her. 

Smiling, she propped her feet up on the couch, upon which Justin pulled her closer to him, holding her around the waist and lying down next to her. 

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