Part Eight.

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Part Eight.

Justin and Allie remained caught up in a passionate embrace for what felt like ages, neither one of them wanting to break the kiss and muffle the sparks that were currently exploding around them like fireworks.

When they finally did break apart, however, Justin kept his hand clamped firmly on the side of her face, his eyes wide in shock and his heart hammering against his chest.

For a moment, neither of them could say anything. They just stood there in the corner of the room in silence, their bodies mere centimeters apart; Allie was clutching his shirt in her hand and her lips were parted as she took deep, shuddering breaths, staring straight into Justin’s eyes.

Finally, Justin blinked, breaking the momentary spell that had been cast as he spoke aloud. “What was that for?”

He sounded stunned, confused, caught off guard, all of which were reflected in his soft brown eyes as they gazed back into her blue ones.

She let a small smile grace her lips as she shook her head, the tiniest traces of a pink blush flushing her cheeks. “Everything.”

Justin stared at her for a moment in what seemed to be shock, a grin stuck on his face and a glimmer of the utmost elation shining from his eyes.

And then, without another word or second thought, he grabbed her around the waist, leaned down, and crashed his lips onto hers, kissing her as fiercely and with as much passion as he possibly could.

Allie returned the kiss with vigor, wasting no time in wrapping an arm around his neck.

He pulled her closer to him and she stood on her tiptoes to reach him better, her fingers clutching at the ends of his hair.

Justin broke apart from her suddenly, his eyes snapping open and his chest rising and falling rapidly due to his lack of breath. “Allie, what I was going to say to you after you called the engagement off was -”

He was cut off before he could finish by someone clearing their throat awkwardly behind them, followed by a deep voice.

“Um...I hate to interrupt like this, but...I’m gonna have to ask that you kids find a place all, elsewhere. This is a resort jail, not a nightclub.” 

Justin turned his head to look at the person who had interrupted, a sharp pang of irritation shooting through him as he did so.

The security guard who had questioned Allie before was standing there scratching his head, giving them a look that was clearly a mixture of amusement, discomfort, and disapproval. 

Allie and Justin just stared at him for a moment, their chests rising and falling and their breath coming out raggedly.

“Seriously.” The guard continued brusquely. “Please go find another person to hassle with your nauseating love antics. This ain’t the place for PDA.”

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