Part Four.

Allie found herself breathless once more.

She was standing in front of the full-length mirror in her and Shaun’s hotel room, watching her wide-eyed fearful expression as it was reflected to her in the rectangular surface.

A large, brownish bruise adorned the left side of her cheekbone, the result of being thrown to the floor mere hours previously.

Allie gingerly lifted her black tank top, pulling it so that it revealed her stomach, where a number of blue-brown bruises dotted her skin, blemishing it, providing evidence of the way Shaun had beat her.

She felt disgusted.

She felt worthless and pathetic and miserable and weak.

She’d always known Shaun was capable of this damage, but she had never expected him to actually bring life to that assumption.

He’d abused and tormented her enough emotionally, but she’d hoped he’d never go so far as to veer into the physical side of things.

Perhaps that was why she couldn’t bring herself to leave him.

He hadn’t been like this before she’d started dating him, and when she’d discovered the real side of Shaun, she’d become terrified of him.

She’d become scared, afraid that if she attempted to leave him, he’d do exactly what he did the night before - beat her.

But now, she felt naive and foolish as she realized he was going to hit her eventually, no matter if it was when she was leaving him or not.

She should have gotten out when she could, but now she was even more terrified of him.

She felt her heart skip a beat in fright, before it began hammering against her chest again, her eyes widening and her lips parting in a silent gasp as Shaun’s leering face appeared in the mirror behind her.

His eyes roved down the length of her body, disgust and contempt quickly forming across his face.

“Dammit, Alexandra!” He yelled, clearly pissed. He grabbed her arm and yanked her towards him, examining the bruise on her face as a furious glint shined from his eyes. 

Allie felt her eyes glaze over with tears, terror rendering her both speechless and breathless.

This was not healthy.

“You’d better fucking cover those up.” Shaun spat, fiercely letting go of her arm, causing her to stumble backwards and nearly fall over again.

Allie made a small whimpering noise, clutching her arm where his grip had left white fingerprints on her skin.

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