Part Three.


Allie felt her eyes drawn to the rectangular alarm clock that rested on the bedside cabinet. Red numbers glared from the black surface, their links forming to read “11:52 PM”.

Allie sighed, blinking once and rolling over onto her back so that she was staring blankly up at the plain white ceiling. Next to her, the sleeping figure of Shaun rested, his chest slowly rising and falling as he laid there beneath the thin white sheets, the sounds of his deep breathing reaching Allie’s ears.

Regardless of the time, Allie was wide awake, her thoughts a hazy jumble as she contemplated the events of the day.

She couldn’t stop thinking about everything - about running into Justin and actually seeing him and talking to him for the first time in four years.

That had been, to say the least, unexpected.

And now all she could focus on was that note he had slipped to her at dinner, telling her to meet him outside of Club Rush at midnight.

She let her eyes travel to the left so that they rested once more on the alarm clock.


Six minutes. 

Six minutes until he wanted her to meet him.

For some insane, relatively unknown reason, she felt the strange desire to do it - to sneak out and go see what it was that he wanted to talk to her about.

She didn’t know why she felt curious about it, considering things were only bound to be incredibly awkward, but something about meeting up with him and talking to him in private was...enticing.

But she knew that sneaking out to go see him would be practically a death wish on her part. Not only was going to see your ex-boyfriend behind your fiance’s back an incredibly immoral and terrible thing to do in the first place, but now that Shaun had expressed his dislike of Justin and told Allie strictly that she was not to see him, going against that was only likely to land her in some serious trouble.

Shaun had meant business when he’d commanded Allie not to see or talk to Justin again; it had been obvious from the way he spoke and the firm, angry tone that he used that he in no way would be lenient if she went against him.

Being the demanding and controlling person that he was, Shaun was likely to get furious if he found out Allie had snuck out to meet Justin late at night in some distant corner of the vast resort. Shaun had already demonstrated that he was very capable of emotional abuse when he was angry, but this sort of situation could quite possibly awaken a different side of Shaun - a worse side of Shaun.

Allie shuddered when she imagined the types of things he might do to her if he caught her sneaking out.

It was a bad idea.

Simple and plain as that.

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