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Part One.

Four Years Later...

“-fallen teen pop sensation Justin Bieber celebrated his twenty-first birthday last Saturday, but interestingly enough, though he is now of the legal drinking age, no alcohol was present at the celebration-”

Allie McHenry let out a sigh, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes and glancing absentmindedly at the television screen in the corner, where a news segment was quietly playing. She shook her head the merest bit, doing her best to tune out the woman’s voice and focus on the large suitcase in front of her.

Her flight was leaving in a mere four and a half hours and she wasn’t even close to being finished.

She pulled open the drawers of her dresser, retrieving a pile of shirts from the top of it and placing them neatly inside her suitcase. She then stood back and let her eyes wander around the room, examining the little bedroom of her modest apartment. The walls were a clay red color, something she hadn’t been thrilled about but had been forced to deal with due to the fact that every other apartment complex she’d looked at had been ridiculously expensive and way out of her budget. The wrought-iron queen-sized bed that stood in the middle of the room caught Allie’s eye, and she immediately noticed a ruffle in the white goose-down comforter.

She sighed, walking forwards and running a single hand along the comforter, as if to smooth out the ruffle.

It was then that her ears perked up slightly at another mention of the name “Bieber”. 

She hated it, but every single time she heard the word, she couldn’t help but stop and listen while an inward poisoning of hurt surged through her veins.

“-Bieber is known for being the young talent who was discovered on YouTube, who went on to become one of the world’s biggest teenage superstars practically overnight. He sold out arenas across the globe, his concert tour becoming one of the highest-grossing of the decade. His own documentary, “Never Say Never”, which told the story of his life and how he came into the music industry, was a box office hit, and he produced four albums, all of which became double-platinum and sold millions-”

Allie cringed, closing her eyes tightly and trying not to think about any of that. Every time she did, she received a vicious flashback of memories to a much happier time in her life, years ago when she was a carefree teenager.

“-after which an unfortunate incident occurred in September of 2011.” The TV continued, its words drifting across the room and into Allie’s ears. “Shortly following a near-fatal car crash while on tour in Australia, Bieber was caught smoking marijuana. It became a tabloid heyday, especially when he was caught several times after in a variety of locations. It wasn’t long before things took a turn for the worse; Bieber became a major partier, staying out until wee hours of the morning and getting drunk at clubs that were often twenty-one-and-up admission - Bieber was only seventeen at the time. He received a number of MIPs while on break from tour, and he was even caught on two different occasions with DWIs.”

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