35. Reception Pt 1

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Jays lips pulled up into a smile and his eyes sparkled.  "You can leave your mark on me any time babe, I wear it with pride." 

I knew I was blushing, but his words always turned me on.  Jay didn't say anything that he didn't mean.

"Let's go back out, I can't believe no ones come in here yet." 

As I opened the door I saw the reason why.  Carlo stood there directing the ladies to the bathroom across the hall.

"Are you okay?"  He asked when he heard the door open, his eyes looking over me for signs of injuries. 

"Carlo I'm fine.  Thank you." 

"Yeah man, thanks."  Jay said as he patted his back. 

"No problem, I had a feeling she was up to something, then I saw you drag Mia into the bathroom and knew something was up."  He faced me again.  "Are you sure you're okay Mia?" 

His concern was genuine and in a move that felt so natural, but one I would certainly pay for later, I kissed his cheek and gave him a quick hug. 

"You're a really good man Carlo.  I hope we become friends."

His smile was genuine as he looked at us both.  "I fucking love real people."  He exclaimed taking us both by surprise.  "Come on, let's go party." 

Jay and I smiled as we followed him back out.

Carlo wasn't just funny, he was hilarious and as Megan and Rob joined us, Megan and Carlo fed off each other like a comedy duo.

Carlo introduced us to some of his friends, his fucking famous friends, and I couldn't wipe the smile from my face.  With Jays hand firmly in mine and Megan, Rob and Carlo beside me, I was having a great time and pushed aside what had happened earlier.

That was my first mistake.

It was time for the toasts and we all sat together as Tim spoke.

"Firstly we'd like to thank you all for coming. We know a lot of you have work commitments and we really appreciate you being here to join us today."

He turned to face Amanda and they smiled at each other lovingly.

"And then there's my wife. Wow, my wife." It was as if the realisation suddenly hit him and he grinned. "I never in a million years thought I'd meet someone like Amanda, someone who made me completely star struck," there was a lot of laughter through the room. "but I'll be eternally grateful that our paths crossed and she took a chance at finding happiness with me."

He stopped for a moment and gathered his thoughts.

"To Amanda's family who have travelled from Australia, thank you. It means so much to the both of us to have you all here. And to Milly and Poppy, who couldn't be here tonight, we thank them for being the most gorgeous little flower girls."

I glanced at Megan and Rob, both wearing proud smiles, as well they should.  The girls are so precious and I could only hope for the same gift one day.

"There's so much more I could say, so many people I should thank, but frankly I really want to sit with my beautiful wife.  Please enjoy the rest of the night.  Let the party begin!"

There was a lot of applause as Tim grinned and sat beside Amanda, his lips meeting hers in a gentle kiss.

I blinked back my tears, sure his speech was short, but it was meaningful and unscripted.

"Can I have this dance?" Jay asked and I smiled as he reached for my hand and led me to the dance floor. 

He was a great dancer, or maybe I just felt great being in his arms as we danced. Either way, I was happy.

Then Carlo cut in and much to my amazement I found myself dancing with Tim...Tim Rothe. Oh my god! Then, to plant my feet back on the ground, I was back in Jays arms where I felt the most comfortable.

"I love you." I said quietly as I looked into his eyes. 

"I love you too."  He answered and I could see the proof in the way he looked at me. 

We danced to a few songs before we sat back at the table and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.  Little did I know that Tracy had snuck in before me.

As I opened the door, she stepped out of a cubicle, her lips curled into a nasty scowl. 

"Shit!  Really?"  The champagne I'd consumed and good mood that I was in quickly vanished.

"Hello Mia."  I heard the threat in her voice and instinctively backed up against the door.

"Tracy, we're at a wedding.  Your best friends wedding, let's save the shit for later.  Yeah?" 

Her lips curled as she approached me.

"You think it's that easy?  You think you get Jay, Rob and Carlo?  You think I'll let that happen?"  Her voice was as eerily steady as Jays had been earlier. 

Steady, but threatening

"What do you want Tracy?  I'm not going to apologise for being with Jay, he loves me and I love him.  You had your chance and you fucked it up.  You must know that?"

She took a step closer and I tried to control my breathing.  "You took Jayden from me.  Until you came along he was mine."  She seethed.  "And Rob?  He was just a much needed release.  You know Mia, the type you can't get from Jayden?  He was such a pathetic fuck, so I took what I could from Rob, knowing one day Jayden would fill that void."

I was backed up against the wall as she continued.

"He didn't want you after that.  After he saw you with his own father, it was over."

"No!  It was never over!  This was my chance Mia, this was my chance to get him back and you" she screamed "you fucking stood in my way!"

I shook my head.  "No Tracy, you lost him that night."

"Shut the fuck up!  You took Jay and you tried taking Robert, but he'll never leave me.  Never!"

"Tracy, honestly I don't want Robert, I just want Jay.  I love him and he loves me."  I repeated, having no idea who she was speaking about, but hoping I was reading her correctly.

"And Carlo?  You've spent all week making me look like a fucking psycho bitch in front of him!" 

I finally snapped.

"That's because you've acted like a psycho bitch.  Carlo is awesome, he's a great guy and I find it so hard to believe that he's not enough for you.  But, I don't like him that way Tracy.  I love Jay.  And I'll tell you once more, he loves me."

I pushed her too far, her next actions proved that.  

Her hand met my cheek repeatedly before I snapped out of my stupor and punched her.  I'd learnt in high school how to defend myself and I smirked as she grabbed at her nose. 

"Yes bitch, it's broken."  I confirmed as the door opened and Jay and Carlo entered.

"Babe."  She whined but Carlo just shook his head. 

"You fucking deserved it Trace."  He spat in disgust before turning to where I stood in Jays arms.  "I'm so sorry Mia.  I had no idea." 

I smiled his way.  "I know."

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