35. Reception Pt 1

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"Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses as you welcome Mr & Mrs Tim Rothe."

There was lots of applause and whistling as they walked in hand in hand.  The happiness on their faces made me feel guilty for not giving the ceremony the attention it deserved. They took their place at the head table and we all took our seats.

It was daunting to be around so many famous people, faces that I'd only ever seen in movies or in magazines, were now in the same room as me.  It was surreal.

I sipped on my third glass of champagne before finally having to give in to use the bathroom.

I was touching up my makeup when the door opened and Tracy waltzed in. Just great!

She just stood there watching me and it took everything I had not to run out of there.

"Tracy."  I finally acknowledged. 

"Is that a Target dress?"  She asked with a scoff as she looked me up and down. 

I placed the cap back on my lipstick and met her eye in the mirror.

"That's quite insulting for the designer."  I answered as I turned to face her, taking in the beautiful red dress she was wearing. 

Her black hair was pulled up and twisted into a chignon, diamond earrings matched the diamond necklace she wore.  She looked as stunning as she was. But still she looked ugly to me.

"And which designer would that be?"  She asked sarcastically and I rolled my eyes as I thought back to all the arguments that had ever taken place in the girls toilets at school.

"Enjoy your evening."  I said as I turned for the exit.  I gasped when I felt her red nails digging into my wrist and turned back to look at her.

"He's mine Mia, he'll always be mine."  Her eyes were dark and intense and for a moment I wondered if she was insane. 

"I don't think so."  I answered, trying to keep my voice steady.

She gripped my wrist tighter and I instinctively pulled it back, wincing as I did so.  I rushed out and almost ran into Jay. 

"I saw her follow you in, everything okay?"  I nodded gratefully, but then his eyes darkened. 

"Jay?"  I asked as he gripped my wrist and held it up.  It was only then that I saw the blood that was trickling from the gouges her nails had left.

"Fuck!"  He spat as he pulled his hanky from his pocket and began cleaning me up. 

"What the fuck happened in there?"  He asked angrily and I blinked with surprise as he led my back into the ladies bathroom.

Tracy was at the mirror, reapplying her blood red lipstick.  Her blue eyes flickered over nervously, which she quickly changed to a look of concern. 

"Oh Mia, are you okay?"

Jays dark eyes looked her way and in an eerily calm voice he told her to get out. I didn't miss the way she looked at me before she left.

"Are you okay?  What happened?"  He asked, his voice softening and his composure becoming more relaxed.

"It was nothing.  She was trying to bait me, but I didn't bite." 

"This is you not biting?"  He asked as he gently cleaned the scratches. 

I just shrugged.  "I'm okay, honestly babe, these are nothing compared to the ones on your back."  I had tried to lighten the mood and fortunately it worked. 

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