Chapter 04

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I revealed my scent when I arrived at the front of the woods, I heard them shouting, especially Greyson-My mate, but of course I wouldn't do this without a plan, I ran in circles an zigzags before covering up my scent again, it would buy me time.

Suddenly my head began hurting and my legs felt wobbly but went back to normal after awhile, I decided to take a rest. I left all my stuffs there and now I'm starving and my clothes are a dirty, the good thing is, I can just wash my clothes and remove the water so it will dry and I can wear it again.

Leaning back to a tree, I sat down and grabbed some water from the lake, very convenient abilities, I know.

"She's nearby." Since I'm on alert I heard them easily.

'Oh shit, I underestimated them' I groaned mentally as I climbed up the tree and settled my self in a position where I wouldn't be seen.

"Catch her! But don't touch!" I heard.....Dane's voice?

"We can't touch? But? How?" Someone asked.

"Alpha'a orders. Mind link him if you ever spotted her." Dane sighed.

A second later three huge wolves were sprinting down.

The birds now grew silent and the wind started to feel cold against my skin. I could feel my heartbeat rising.

I should probably move. The moment My feet landed on the ground, I was greeted by cinnamon and vanilla, you can guess.

"Had enough fun, mate?" I whipped my head so hard I thought it cracked. I momentarily wished it did.

Then there it is! His eyes were darker than before and he has familiar feeling of home. He feels like home.

We were just looking at each other, I don't know how many seconds has passed but I came back to reality when I heard footst- or rather paw steps?

"I was not having fun. You see, I was trying to run." I explained, but I think it only made him angrier? He was shaking.

"Alpha." I looked behind and saw Dane with two other guys only in their shorts. One with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, the other one has brown hair and green eyes.

"Am I trapped now?" I asked shifting myself so they're on my sides.

Being the witty me, I let the water crawl on the soil and let it sunk below the surface.

"Yes, and you won't be going anywhere. You will stay with me." Greyson scoffed and attempted to step towards me when his feet got stuck into the muddy mess I made, his body didn't made it any better as he sunk deeper when he tried to move.

"What the f*ck is this?!" He groaned and I find it cute that he's struggling to remove it.

"Alpha!" Dane and his two more buddies ran towards Greyson, I extended the water so they were also caught. Oops? Nope.

I'm now watching 4 grown men fidgeting like worms on the soil, too bad I don't have my phone with me. A picture would be really good!

I laughed as Dane runs his hands all over his face, forgetting that he had mud on it.

"Having fun? Luna?" Despite being on that state, he grinned at me an I grinned back.

"You do know that you won't be able to go after me, right? Since you're in umm kind of like having a mud party there?" Knocking some senses in, they started to crawl back and I laughed at the three-- wait? Three?

Let's see, Dane...The blonde.... The brown.... Where's Greyson?

"Where's Gr-" I was cut off when an arm scooped me up, I felt sparks on my skin and I'm certain he feels it too.

I looked and see Greyson's stoned face, it went out of sight as he carried me like a sack.

"Put me down." I wiggled trying to get off but he wouldn't listen, I tried punching his back but he wouldn't budge.

He ran like a mad man, he was really fast! Like really, I think my soul left my body. Everything happened so fast. I mean, I can see the Red Moon Pack's land now.

He stopped at the front door of the pack hours and bursted it open.

"Celestine!" I heard Cielo scream and tiny footsteps running towards the door.

"Cielo.. " I managed to whisper my head feels hot, I think all of my blood went to my head.

"Put her down you bad guy! Put her down! Put her down!" He was punching Greyson's leg as tears streamed down on his face.

" please put me down?" I asked through gritted teeth, without any warning he put me down, I scrambled on my feet and Cielo wrapped me in his tiny arms.

"Are you okay Celestine?" I hugged him tight when he started to bawl his eyes out.

My head began throbbing, I've been experiencing this a lot lately, this is the worst so far, My heart beats slower than normal.

I can feel myself slowly losing it's balance , my sight is a little blurry but clears out when I blinked. I took a deep breath and blinked my eyes a few times.

"Celestine?! What's happening?!" Luna Amanda asked, panicking.

I managed to smile weakly before collapsing on the floor, my body feels numb. I'm awake but I can't feel anything.

They laid me down so I am now facing the ceiling, My mate, with his bright blue guilty eyes on the view, he probably thinks it's his fault, I wanted to say it was not his fault, that this happens a lot, I tried to speak but no voice came out, he was saying something but I couldn't hear it, I see him cup my face but I couldn't feel his touch, This is scaring the hell out of me.

My vision is starting to fade and darkness is slowly emerging, my eyes closing and I can feel myself falling.

It became silent, dark and cold.

"Celestine?" A familiar voice called me, it was so familiar it brought back the pain of losing it.


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