Part 67 🌈

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Sacks estate~~

He gestured the man behind the counter to empty the containment. the man nodded and flicked open a touch sensitive hologram with just a flick of his finger. He typed in words up in the air on the hologram; like a keyboard then he touched a button. The containment was emptying with a Drainage sound echoing through the huge cylinder. He watched as the girls legs went from being held to her chest to naturally flowing with the gel leaving the area. Her legs went from her chest; to floating in front of her; to her bum on the floor and her feet against the glass and her tail suctioned to the glass on the other side. Her eyes slowly cracked opened as her incredibly long eyelashes moved like fans. her eyelashes were like half an inch in length. The average human has 3/4 cm or 13 mm in length. Her eyes were bigger than a humans of course with beautiful Red Erises and purple pupils. She was a reptilian replica of your old form. (Sacks got your DNA blah blah blah) He then Injected a serum into her temple By her forehead. (The serum is half of your memories) She rubbed the side of her head as she then was getting a headache. "Now you know the plan." She looked at him in confusion then a memory of him telling Her what he wants. "And wear this." He put a watch on her wrist. She turned her wrist over to see a button. "Use this to disguise yourself as the present y/n." "understood."..

Rose has been sneaking out to see her new friends Ariel and Sheldon. She snuck up onto their rooftop as she didn't realize her dad (Raphael) was following her from afar. Sheldon told Ariel to go get something from downstairs in the apartment 0.5 seconds ago. Rosie arrived as she brought some of Your famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. "Hey I brought some of my mommy's cookies." "wow dude thanks :D -bits into chewy cookie- you know -chews- its kinda weird how you say mommy like your a 3 year old or something" he laughs. She laughed along not understanding much of what he meant. he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. "listen. rosemary. (raphs eyes pop up from the fire escape to see his darling daughter with a boy) There's something i need to tell you." "mokay (okay)" as she chews into a cookie. "I. I'm- my dad. He's kinda a crime lord. But I hope that doesn't change how you see me?" "Of course not." she said cherryfully with a chocolate smile. He relaxed "good, good. I wanted to also ask you if maybe..I mean i like you. And i was wondering if you wanted to be more than friends." She chews into a cookie as she looks into his eyes with her height evening out to his. "I like you too." "really?" "yea your an awesome friend. But now we're BEST FRIENDS!" "oh~~ T . T " "What do you think your doin, boy?" He heard a serious gruff man's voice from behind himself. He looked over his shoulder to see a plated chest then up to the mans face to see Raphael. "N-nothing." he stuttered as he backed away farther than where rose was standing. "You better stay away from her, ya here!" He insisted as he pointed his finger at the boy's face. "but dad!" rose called. "DAD?!" sheldon screeched. "Listen sweetie, You don't know how boys are." he explained. Rose looked at sheldon "daddy. This is sheldon. SHeldon, Daddy" She gestured to each of them as she introduced them. sheldon put his hand out trying to be brave. Raphael stood at 6'7 compared to the 5"11 boy. Raph starred down sheldon as he rearranged his toothpick. He took his toothpick out and bent down face to face with him. "Its not a pleasure to meet you." raph stated as he flicked his toothpick somewhere else on the roof as stood up looking into the boy's soul. 'Don't feint. Don't feint.' the boy repeated in his head. "I don't want you around my daughter anymore." Sheldon was very intimidated by raphael and was frozen in place but he couldn't just go along with this. He really like rose. He even had to courage to try and ask her out. And now her dad doesn't want her seeing him anymore. He wasn't sure how to take that. He just stood silent. Not saying no and not saying yes either. Raph turned around as he put his hand on his daughters shoulder pushing her slightly making her body wall with him. He picked her up in his arms: plopped her over his shoulder and then jumped off the building onto the next. She waved goodbye as did he.

The lizard woman roamed through the sewers as she then found the turtles home. She peeked through the door to see no one. She slipped her long leg in and then the other one. Her tail wiggled a little as she then hear someones chains.
Mikey walked by as he drank soda with his feet dragging sleepily. He walked over to his room and closed the door. The lizard woman popped her eyes up from behind the stacks of round weights she hid behind. She then saw y/n hugging leonardo and walked away. 'That must be raphael.' She thought as her eyes opened just a tad bigger as she stood up in her Human Form of YOU. She walked over to Leo as his back was facing her. She tapped on his shoulder. He turned around as he was putting a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth from a HaagenDaz IceCream pint. He turned his body back towards the door You just left through and back at the lizard woman. "y/n..I thought you just" he pointed the spoon at the door then looked down thinking. "never mind. Whats up?" "I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out. alone. just the two of us." "I guess so. what did you have in mind." "how about a walk?" she offered. "sure." He put his empty ice cream pint down and the spoon inside of it and walked out into the sewers with you. (but not you, the lizard woman.)

You (the real you) walked back into the room Leo was last in as you walked through the doorway putting a piece of hair behind your ear as you were looking down at the ground "Hey leo--(you look up) i was--wondering..." 'huh where'd he go?' raphael enters the home with Rosie walking behind him sulking with her hand on her arm. "y/n?" he called out. You looked at him from the couch "yea?" He walked over to you as you stand up and he didn't look too happy either.. you stand up "you ok?" " not really. I just found our daughter whose been 'sneaking' out to see a boy." "a boy?!" "yea a boy and he was telling her how he felt about her. and he doesn't even know her!" raphael explained angrily. rose narrowed her eyes and stomped out of the room with her boho hair bouncing. she slammed her dad's door to his room as you could hear the door locking. raph put his thumb and index finger on his closed eyes as he rubbed them in circles. He sighed as he sat down on the couch and rubbed his face. you looked at him then walked over to raph's room. you knocked on the door "hun? you ok?" "NO!" "whats wrong?" "DAD DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THAT SHELLY DOES UNDERSTAND ME!" You leaned against the door with your back and slid down to your butt and put your knees to your chest.
"Once upon a time, there was a girl and boy. The girl was so beautiful and the boy, was a beast. And of course they had nothing in common. But yet, he fell hard. He fell so hard he'd do anything for her. And she didn't even realize it. After awhile, they hung out more and more and she understood him. He wasn't like the others. She understood him and he understood her. And no one else knew why they were so compatible. They questioned and they judged. (raph sits down next to you against the wall as he takes your hand as you looked into his eyes) But they didn't care. Cause they knew everything about each other. And they fell in love." Rose unlocked the door; you stood up in the floor combat boots. you saw your daughter peek out. "what does that mean?" "Its means." you pushed the door opened and took your hands in your daughters. "If this boy is someone you do want to hang out with. And he understands you. You can hang out with him, But only in the confinements of our home." You looked at raphael then back at your little girl. "really?!" "yea really." "OMG OMG OMG THANK YOU MOMMY!" she hugs you so tightly your back cracks. Then she hugged raphael. He smiled and then watched her run off somewhere else. " y/nn...Hooneyyy.. are you sure this is a good idea." "pfft of course. She's to young to fall for boys. She'll be ok. But im gonna have a talk with that boy." you explained. "Oh you can count me in, i gotta bone to pick." raph said as he crossed his arms and looked at his girl play with her monster high dolls on the island counter. "i wonder if he even knows that she's not 17 and only not even 2 years of age." you started to worry about that and looked over at rosie kissing Deuce and Cleo DeNile together. You made an "eerrrrr.." sound as you bit you lip. "Hey by the way look pretty tonight." he kisses your forehead and leaves. "I got Mikey watching rosie tonight." "o ok." you smiled and watched him walk away..'wonder what he wants.'

to be continued..

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