Drowned by Water

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The rain kept on pouring and pouring in our little cave. It's been more than three months since we all went into hiding, hiding from the most evil and despicable witch that I have ever come to face. Since I had woken up, I had decided to take that witch down, but I couldn't. Not yet. Not until he woke up.

All his vital signs seemed fine, and he was breathing, but I had no idea to the mental damage from going to the land of dead and being pulled back to us. It was still a mystery how we both survived, even the Overlord didn't know what had happened.

Even though I had woken up, he didn't. He kept on slumbering until another two months had passed and yet, the sun hadn't come out ever since the Overlord's mansion had been burned to the ground.

I had nothing, clothes, money, my spell book, not even my faithful consort Loui. Since the garden, he has disappeared. My heart ached and reached out to my dear friend, and I hoped he was well, but I knew the chances he had survived the witch's attack, just as everyone else had perished.

I almost wept at the thought, but I was determined not to let my tears fall, not until I knew everything was all right.

As I was brooding, something miraculous happened. The rain stopped, and in no time at all, the sun peeked through the clouds. Aiden must've been happy since he was out somewhere hunting, probably happy for the sunshine.

Then I heard a groan, and I spun around to see a disheveled Eamon waking up. After five whole months of sleeping, he opened his eyes and ran a hair through his messy hair.

He gave me one of his special smiles. "Good morning." was all he said.

I nearly collapsed right then and there, but just leaned onto the walls of the damp cave. "Thank god." I whispered.



It took another month to get Eamon strong enough to see that he could be left alone without worrying about him hurting himself. Aiden almost had a heart attack when he saw his son sitting up and eating the few rations that we had left in the cave. We both didn't mind since we knew that he needed to eat after three months of sleeping.

I restrained him from walking around at the beginning, his body still too weak, despite his protests. As the month went on, his strength returned and he could soon turn into his Shifter form to go help Aiden hunt.

Guilt made it's way through my chest as I felt the restlessness start to stir in me. I wanted to go find Danielle, make her pay for the things that she had made the Overlord and his son go through. The thing was, I shouldn't be thinking those things while Eamon recovered. I had to focus on flowing positive energy through me and Eamon to speed up our recovery. Because in the meantime, Danielle got farther and farther away.

"You're thinking too much."

I turned towards Eamon's warm voice and saw him walking in the cave with the carcass of a deer. His blonde hair had grown in the past months, looking rugged and messy.

"I do not have things to do, such as you. What else am I to do?" I replied, shrugging.

Eamon was silent for a while, his brilliant green eyes staring into my very soul. "You could leave." he said softly. "Father has said that you needn't stay with us. We both understand you have unfinished business with your mother."

Aiden had talked to me about that. It infuriated me that they would even think that I would abandon my position of gaurdian for the Overlord. "Never." I gritted out. "I gave my oath that I would protect you and the Overlord with my life!"

"You have!" he shouted. His outburst had made him drop his game where he was as he stalked towards me and gripped me by the arms. "You have already given your life for us -for me. There's no need for you to do it again."

He was so close to me, his eyes had a hard, angry glint to them, his hair falling in his face.

"And you think that going up against my own mother will be any better?" I shouted back at him. "I might be powerful, but do you, honestly, think that I'd be better off battling Danielle than I'd be here?"

We glared at each other for a while, but he backed down first, his eyes softening and he backed away, but I still seethed.

"You don't understand Danielle like I do." I said, quieter.

Eamon hesitated before saying, "Do you? It seems like she isn't what she used to be."

I laughed bitterly. "She's been that way since Brooke died. After that, she's always been cynical and seemed to have a sick twist of humor."

I felt him come up beside me again. "Do you want to talk about her?"

"No." I said, and turned away to look at the dead deer. It would last three days, five at longest, with two Shifter apetites. He had killed it quickly, snapping its neck with one bite, little blood on it's sleek coat.


She studied my kill, her dark cloak swishing around her feet. Her hair no longer had that horrible bleach in it, and back to her natural black as night locks. Even though I couldn't see her from this angle, I know that her red lips were pursed in concentration and her gray eyes cold and calculating. She's been that way since I had woken up, trying to act cheerful, but failing.

Not knowing what else I could do for her, I just stared at her helplessly. She didn't look up at me, and the tension just seemed to keep building until I couldn't bear it anymore.

"I'll go search for father, now." I muttered.

Alyssa looked at me then, her stormy eyes softening with concern. "Be careful, Eamon. I don't want anything to happen to you." She sounded honest, but my mind seemed to doubt it.

I nodded and headed out into the forest.

When I was out far enough that I was sure she couldn't hear me, I said. "Something's definitely holding you back, Alyssa Bell, and you don't trust me enough to talk with me about it."

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