Chapter 38: Brothers and Sisters

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Ethan had me sitting on the island in his kitchen while he patched me up. Most of my injuries were not too bad, my arm was a bit mangled but it was manageable.

He started to wipe some antibacterial with a cotton ball on my arm which I knew should have stung, but considering all the pain I had been through in my life, it was more annoying than anything. Ethan gave me a concerned brow while he continued to dab at the wound. "It doesn't sting?"

I shrugged. "I've had worse."

I saw his wolf stir behind his eyes from my answer, an answer that disturbed him more than anything else. He finished with the cotton ball then squeezed out some Neosporin and started to dab it over the wound. "It may scar sunshine."

"Just add it to the collection," I replied almost mechanically.

A low growl vibrated from his chest as his jaw slightly clenched. I rolled my eyes while he set the Neosporin down and picked up some gauze to place over the wound. "I'm a big girl Ethan, I can handle myself just fine."

He muttered something under his breath while he placed the gauze over the wound before he picked up some medical grade tape. I huffed at him. "Maybe I should take a turn with your ass and we'll just see how much you grumble then?"

Ethan's eyes shot to me, a little surprised and amused, as he started to wrap the tape around my arm to secure the gauze. He smiled deviously then shook his head. "Maybe one-day sunshine."

I rolled my eyes while he ripped the tape. He looked at my neck, which made my body stiffen. My wolf perked up, she liked our male and while the pull was hard to deny, we were both not entirely too ready to bare a mark on our neck.

Ethan seemed to sense this. He sighed and started to put away the things from the first aid kit that were scattered around while I hopped off the island. "He just... I just..." He let out a short breath and looked back at me tiredly. "We just didn't like seeing another male so close to your neck."

I walked over to him as my wolf swelled a bit with pride. I shoved her back a bit, she always got too sappy around Ethan for my liking. "It's just Billy, besides he wants us to start training with him so you're going to have to get over it."

Ethan rumbled a little and gave me a long look. "Char..."

I sighed and pushed some hair back out of the front of his face. God, I couldn't get over how blue his damn eyes were. "I will be fine, Billy wouldn't let me if he didn't think so. Besides, Andrea and Evangeline will be with me too."


"Yes?" I asked curiously. Ethan seemed perplexed but I just rolled my eyes. "She's a good fighter, Ethan, she just needs to be pushed a little more."

He sighed again before shaking his head. "Come on," he said while taking my hand and pulling me towards the door.

"What? Where are we going?"

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