Chapter 10

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Heyo! Enjoy!

David's POV :
David- "Baby what's wrong? You can tell me you know that"
Liza- "I know. Well. Um."
David- "Your worrying me. You know whatever it is I'm here. You know that"
Liza- "Well. I'm pregnant"
David- "Your.... I'm gonna be a dad?"
Liza- "Yeah."
Liza- "Wait?! Your happy?"
David- "Of course I am! That's all I've ever wanted a family! And I get it with the love of my life!"
Liza- "Omg i was so scared. I thought you'd leave me I thought you wouldn't want it"
David- "Liza. Don't you ever think like that, I'm so happy that I'm having a family with you. I love you"
Liza- "I love you to baby"
David- "We need to tell our parents and everyone else and book a doctors appointments omg there's just so many things to do I'm so excited!"
Liza- "Haha I know babe so am I, Gabbie already knows. It's quite late do you wanna eat then just go to bed?"
David- "Yeah sure, you sit down and relax I'll bring it over to you"

Liza's POV :
David is already in dad mode I'm just so happy that he's happy and wants to be a dad so bad. I don't know what I'd do without him.
We eat dinner and go to bed. I asked David to stay over again. I think I'm gonna ask him to move him.

<Next Day>

I wake up in David's arms, I turn to face him and gentle kiss his cheek which woke him.
David- "Hey babe. And baby"
Liza- "Your so cute. Your gonna be such a great dad"
David- "And your gonna be such a great mum too"
After a few more minutes of cuddling we both finally get up and get dressed. I brush my teeth and do my makeup I just put my hair in a bun.
Liza- "David!" I call him into my room
David- "Yeah babe?"
Liza- "I was think. So we should book an ultrasound for next week and book a flight to Houston to see my parents and tell them we could spend a few days there, then a flight to Chicago to see your
parents and tell them and spend a few days with them, sound like an idea?
David- "Yeah that's awesome babe, I'll go book the flights now you can book the ultrasound" he give me a kiss on the forehead and walking into the living room.

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