Wedding Part One

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**Bayley's POV

In under 12 hours Finn and I were getting married.I was out with Sasha at Starbucks getting coffee and talking about the wedding.Every time she mentions Finn's name I would smile or blush.I was absolutely in love with the man.Everything he does makes me fall in love with him more and more.The way he looks at me.The way he smiles at me.The way he ran his fingers through my hair.The way his lips felt against mine.The way he picked me up effortlessly and carried me.The way he's always gentle with me.I can't see myself being with anyone else.He was the one I can see myself growing old with and raising kids.Sasha sat there talking to me,but I didn't hear a word she was saying.All I could think of was Finn.My Finn.I run my hand over my stomach as our daughter moved around and kicked.I smile as I feel her foot push against my hand.I run my hand over her foot and felt her move more."Sasha"I say."Yes Bayley"she says back."Let me see your hand"I say to her.She looks at me weird and gives me her hand.I place her hand on my stomach where my hand was."Feel that?"I ask her."Yea"she says.She looks at my stomach."What was that?"she asks."That's the baby"I tell her.I see a smile pop up on her face as she keeps her hand on my stomach then bends over to talk to our daughter.

A few hours later we head to the house and I grab pajamas and a bag.While packing the bag with what I need for the night I hear footsteps walk across the floor towards me then felt arms wrap around my waist.I place my hands on top of the hands on my stomach and smile."Hey babe"I say."Hey.What are you packing for?"he says."I'm going to Sasha's for the night and will see you tomorrow at the church."I say to him."See you then babe.Take good care of our princess"he says to me."Don't I always take care of our princess?"I ask him."I didn't mean it like that babe"he replies.I turn around to face him and he rubs my left cheek with his thumb as I lean in towards him.I press my lips against his and we kiss as my arms wrap around his neck.We kiss a bit longer until we hear what sounds like someone clearing their throat.I pull away from Finn and look towards the door to see Sasha standing there.I hear Finn sigh as I stand there looking at Sasha."I'll be right down Sasha"I say.She just nods and turns around then walks away from our bedroom.I hear her descend our stairs as I turn back towards Finn.I give him another quick kiss before I pick up my bag and head downstairs with him following me.He walks with me over to the door and opens the door for me.We walk out hand in hand to Sasha's car with her following us.He takes my bag out of my hand and opens the front passenger door for me.

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