nine | we can't trust them

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My mind is on the Chancellor. After Clarke found out about it, I didn't have much time to focus on it, because we were trying to get the flares in the sky. I can't get rid of the image of her yelling at me. She has sort of forgiven me, I think, but I haven't forgiven myself. And on a more selfish note, my life is still at stake.

I don't think the Chancellor is going to pardon me. Why would he? Because I'm such a model citizen? I was already hated by authority because of Octavia, and then I went and shot the leader of so-called authority. It didn't really look good on my resumé.

I'm walking through the woods, which, in retrospect, probably isn't a good idea, when I see something behind the trees. Two somethings, actually. Two people. One of them looks like a Grounder, but the other is blocked behind the tree. I have a gun on me, but I don't want to hurt anyone if they don't see me.

I hide behind a tree, and try to curl around it to see the other person. I see her hair first, her long, dark hair. I know who it was instantly.

"Octavia!" I call, emerging from the trees.

She jumps away from the Grounder and spins around to look at me, her eyes wide.

"Bellamy, what are you doing here?" she says quickly.

"What are you doing with a Grounder?" I ask, practically shouting.

She takes a step in front of him. "Don't hurt him, he did nothing wrong," she says defensively.

"Octavia, you don't know that! He could've been the one that speared Jasper," I say. "We can't trust them."

I look at the Grounder. He hasn't said anything this whole time.

"O, let's go," I tell her. She doesn't move. I try again: "Octavia, we're going now."

"I'm staying here," she says. "I can trust him."

"Octavia," I say, grabbing her arm. "I said let's go."

"No," she says defiantly, ripping her arm away.

Anger boils inside me. Octavia has never known what's good for her; she hasn't learned enough about life yet, having spent most of it under the floorboards. I have to protect her.

I grab my gun and point it at the Grounder. "Octavia, we're going," I order, not taking my eyes off of him.

"Bellamy, don't!" she cries, grabbing my arm. When she does, my finger accidentally pulls the trigger and aims the gun down, and I shoot the Grounder in the leg.

Before I know it, I feel a stabbing pain in my abdomen, and I let out a scream.

"Lincoln, no, stop, it was an accident!" Octavia says to the Grounder, who had just plunged his knife into me.

My vision blurs but I see a group of people from camp running over to us.

"Grab the Grounder," I say to them. They follow my orders instantly, as my knees buckle and I fall to the ground.

"Bell, stop, no!" Octavia yells.

Some of the group tries to pin him down, but he's strong, despite just being shot in the leg. When they have his hands tied, he's still fighting.

"Knock him out," I tell them weakly.

One of them hits his head with a gun so hard that he falls to the ground.

"Bellamy, stop, what are you doing?" Octavia asks, appearing in front of me.

"He shouldn't have gotten involved with us. We're interrogating him," I say.

I try to stay conscious, but my vision is becoming less and less reliable, my senses fading out. And then it's all black. 

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