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Tags to use: #JustWriteIt #AdventureEdition

Start Date: September 1st 2016

Finish date: September 30th 2016

Participation: Must include both writing challenge tags on your story to enter (#justwriteit #AdventureEdition)

Prize: Just Write It is not a contest, but a writing challenge, so there are no official winners. However, we will be selecting a number of stories in every category to highlight as honourable mentions. Those will be added to an official profile reading list. Honourable mentions will also be given a Just Write It cover sticker for their new work of art!


Summer is almost over, there's no denying it. But before you hang up your shorts and sandals, we want you to pack your bags and get ready-we're daring you to do something wild.

For September's #JustWriteIt, we're inviting all of Wattpad to take part in this writing challenge, no matter what genre or style you choose. We want you to send summer out with a bang by taking us with you on one last incredible (terrifying? epic? magical? tragic?) adventure.

What kind of adventure, you ask? That's completely up to you.

ChickLit prompt: Your heroine's personal journey happens alongside a roller coaster adventure of a lifetime. Is she searching for answers? Enduring unusual circumstances? Making a split second decision in a rock bottom moment? Use your imagination! Whatever adventure she's on, she'll emerge from it with a more clear sense of self.

It's not so much what you write about, all that matters is that you give it everything you've got. Because when you really think about it-writing is a pretty epic adventure in and of itself.

So gather your courage, grab your gear (or at least your laptop or tablet) and let's get this saga started. Just make sure to tag your story #JustWriteIt and #AdventureEdition so others can find it.

Let the adventure begin!

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