Chapter 15

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Mia's pov

We went to the movie theater after eating in the restaurant. Good thing that we finished immediately because
Gilbert was really taking his time to tease us that made Shilo even more ecstatic about us being together as a family.

Since we still got time we've decided to stroll in the mall for a while. Lucian almost want to buy whatever Shilo will look at and admire. Like lego sets, gaming consoles, remote controlled helicopter. I on the other hand would reprimand him from doing that.

"Why don't you just buy the whole store?" I  said sarcastically while Shilo was busy roaming around.

"I might consider that if that's what Shilo prefer. " He said as if he took my sarcasm seriously.

Oh.. ok.. talking about taking my joke seriously..

I shook my head.

"I Know you would like to give everything to him but what he needs more is your affection and that's what matters. We might not become a whole family that he wants but atleast we are doing our parts individually as his parents." I pointed out and smiled at him." We might not be able to become a couple but maybe we can try being friends." I noticed that he was looking at me in a weird way.

"What happened exactly with you?" He suddenly asked and I frowned at him.

"Why did you become like that? Why do you hate being in a relationship so much?  " He inquired.

I smiled bitterly and I felt as if something heavy suddenly was on my heart. Why would he want to dig such unpleasant things? I don't want to go back to that lane and of course of all the people why would he need to know?

But its not like its a secret of the nation that you have to keep forever.

"Will I die if I will know your reason?" He said in jest and I prevent a smile escape from my lips. I guess it would not be bad to tell him anyway. I sighed deeply.

"Nico... he was my first love, my first boyfriend and my first fiancé. My ideal Mr. Right. We were together since highschool, I was so inlove with him that I loved him more than myself, my world revolves only on him." I smiled bitterly while the scenes played back inside my head.

" I gave everything that I could in our relationship. I even took the course he chose and went to the same school so that we will be together. We were happy  back then, that's what I thought." The thing in my chest gets heavier as I try to recall those days. I glance at Lucian and he was looking at me intently. He probably thinks I'm stupid, shallow and naive. I looked away to look for Shilo who is still engrossed with the toys.

"Then what happened?" He  queried seriously. I half smiled at him and continued since he is so interested with my tragic  story.

"He went to Canada to work. We planned things so that I can follow him there. He promised he would fix our papers so that we can process a Fianceé visa for me and we will get marry there. Months passed but nothing happen, our communication went very short little by little and he will just tell me that he became busy since he's still trying to cope up with the life abroad.  It came to a point that there was no communication at all but of course I love and trust him that he was doing everything he could for us. Then out of nowhere he message me that he can no longer be together with me and he was breaking up with me. Told me to don't try to contact him anymore." I swallow the bile in my throat and smiled foolishly.  Lucian didn't say anything and he was just looking at me attentively.

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