protective boyfriend and brother

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Naruto's POV

I don't know how long I was asleep for but that nightmare is over and I don't wanna have it again though it ended at that seen where sasuke first met me.

I love him so much I'm glad he's there for me when I needed him.

Right now he's helping me get dressed and placed a blanket around me and hid my tails while I was set in a wheel chair and rolled out since no one was gonna be home I didn't want to be alone not ever.

So I had breakfast that I missed so much and literally devoured it happily yummy I've been craving for itachi or saauke or kyuubi to make breakfast ever since I was in that ongoing nightmare and I'm happy I'm back here with everyone "OK time for school you 4 have a good day" kyuubi says as he kissed my forehead and hugged me I happily hugged back than he ruffed menma hair and went to the back rooms, I looked over and saw itachi whisper something to sasuke before jabbing his head gently and went to sasukie and poked hid head than left.

Than once we got our bags and left for and to tell the truth I wasn't ready but I didn't wanna be left alone a home soon I held someone place there hand in my head as I looked up and saw menma who smiled at me as I smiled back happily.

We made it to school and everyone looked at us and I felt like I was about to have a panic attack so I started shaking but once the wheelchair stopped I saw sasuke walk beside me ashe whispered into my ear.

"Don't worry naru everything is gonna OK I'm gonna go tell tsunade you back" he whispered in my ears sending shivers down my spin as I nodded before he left sasukie talked to menma but I knew he was on guard cause he didn't seem so laid back neither did menma they seem protective of something or someone like me.

Soon sasukie was jumped on by ino as menma growled then I felt like I was moving backwards I turned and jumped but menma got to me just in time as he breath out a sigh and went back to sasukie and was taking me with him.

Sasuke came back as he took menma's place as he started to push me into the school while menma and sasukie followed soon menma took me to our locker and I handed him my back "don't worry bro me and sasuke did your homework for ya and to notes for you though sasuke did all the writing" menma explained as he handed me note book as I looked threw it, and I looked up at menma he seemed still on guard until a girl with raven hair and soft purple eyes came around oh this is neji's.........cusin right what was her name again..........hiba.....hana..........hmm....oh ya it's hinata.

"W-welcome back n-naruto" hinata says as she bowed slightly in a polite Manor "t..tha...nk....y..ou" was what I managed jeash my voice sounds horrible how long was my nightmare going on for that's just plain out creepy.

She lightly smiled at me so I smiled back happily causing her to blush "morning hinata" menma says while take everything he and I needed out the locker "well we ne....."

"Wait I have a present for naruto h-here" she says handed me my gift as I smiled as in saying thank you and decoded to open it and did I almost die from embarrassment h-how did she know that...I like sasuke...h-how did she now we were dating this is so embarrassing.

Menma looked over my shoulder and smiled as he put the gift in our locker and locked it protectively and placed a secret seal on it before we went to class once there we got to our classroom were sasuke and sasukie were menma put me beside sasuke while he sat in his desk.

"I don't trust anyone with you right now" he whispers in my ear as I jumped slightly and he puts me in my own desk and pushed the wheelchair to the front and he moved my desk close to his as he help me catch up with what's been going on he was so smart.

"OK you understand" he says as I nodded and just paid attention to what sasuke was saying soon class had began and kakashi walked in as he looked at the wheelchair than looked up and saw me "oh welcome back naruto and sorry class I'm late I helped a teacher with carrying some boxes" he says as I rolled my eyes that liar.

Class soon started as and everyone listened to what kakashi had to says as we listened quietly.

We were having a school field trip tomarrow we were going camping I wanna go I'll ask sasuke to see what he says and my brother kyuu I hope they both say yes.

He also said we can bring our parents with us yay kyuu can come to I'm happy.

Soon as class ended kakashi rolled my wheelchair over to me as sasuke put me in it.

Third person POV

As the say went on sasuke wouldn't leave naruto by himself not until they got home "sasuke" naruto says as it was lunch time "hmm" sasuke replied looking at the blond beside him "c-can I go to the field trip in the woods" naruto asked as sasuke  looked at him and before the uchiha thought for a while but soon nodded, "fine but kyuubi has to come with" sasuke says as the blonde fox jumped happily in his seat ad hugged sasuke before he continued eating his lunch.

The day went on leaving an excited naruto waiting to ask his old brother to come aline on the field trip happy smiling smiling with excitement.


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