CHAPTER 71 The Three Amigos

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"I am filled with words but to exhausted to write them."


"So how was it?" I asked Dad in the morning.

"I was up every hour to two hours," Dad said.

"Damn," I said.

"Yeah. But she's doing better. Only one poopie and one pee-pee," Dad said.

"Well, maybe tonight you'll sleep better," I said.

"I hope so," Dad said.

Mom's health aide came late morning to give Mom a sponge bath, right in bed. It was pretty simple to do once you understood the basics of bathing in bed. I was glad that we kept Mom moving as much as we had, when she could still walk, even though everyone else was in shock about it.

When Dad and I had started this journey care-giving for Mom, we had no idea what we were doing. We weren't nurses nor had we taken any classes on "How To Care-Give Your Loved One At Home" manual for all the crazy fuckers who sign up for it.

The Hospital thought we were insane for taking her home and not putting her into a skilled care facility. And maybe we were. But we weren't going to leave it to someone else to heal her. She wasn't a "patient" to us. She wasn't a name on a chart. She was a huge piece of our world.

We were going to control and/or have influence as much as we could over what was around her and put into her. Plus we loved her. We had a dog in the fight. It was life and death. It couldn't be any more personal or important to us.

Mom, true to spirit, put us through our paces. It was a combative environment at times and Mom was no complacent wallflower.

So when I watched the health aides come by now I marveled at how far Dad and I had come in our own training in such a short time. We didn't have any official certifications. But we were Mom tested, stamped, and that was good enough.



The Three Amigos for 120 Days - Day 16

Days Juicing: 120

Wow. 120 Days of juicing.

When we started juicing in September 2012, we had no idea what we were doing.

We just knew we weren't putting my Mom through chemo, radiation, or pumping her full of pharmaceutical drugs to heal her Stage 3 cancer. We didn't believe in the Western Medicine "way". We, my Dad and I, felt it would kill my Mom.

So, we were introduced to Dr. Max Gerson's juicing diet. And from there, introduced to "Super Immunity" by Joel Fuhrman. So we altered our juices to incorporate Dr. Fuhrman's data on highest nutrient produce, bought organic, and started juicing for my Mom, and both my Dad and I.

We used our Chiropractor (skilled in Applied Kinesiolgy, and other alternative therapies/energy medicines) to help refine our course of action with my Mom.

And we moved forward on a path, we had no proof of it being the right one.

Turns out we were right. Mom's cancer was proven to have significantly, scientifically be reduced in Nov 2012. The "all knowing" Hospital was/is in shock by our results.

Mom has other issues she's dealing with, so it's not all about the cancer. It's like fighting several fires at once. Sometimes it's hard to know which one is the WAR and which ones are just battles. But hey, Mom's still upright, and she's still fighting. So we figure that's gotta count for something...pretty big.

And my Dad and I have become caregivers for my Mom at home. Other than Hospice, who spends maybe 3 hours a week, total with her, we're on our own here. And we make no qualms about saying to you, it's kicking our asses right around the block.

120 days. So many memories flood my mind. Not all of them good...but not all bad.

You never know who's going to show up in your life, until you ask them to. It's a roll of the dice.

Blessings to all of you...who have followed this unexpected journey. Support has come from some of the most unlikely of's amazing to us. We are humbled and moved beyond words I have here.

And who knows where the road goes now. All we know, is how to keep moving forward.


Juice Day 120

4 leaves collard greens

4 leaves napa cabbage

1 ½ tablespoons ginger root

½ cup dandelion greens

1 1/2 Fugi apples

3 carrots

Mom's Juice

1 stalk of celery

1 carrot

½ beet

1 Fuji apple

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