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Dark. It is so dark. It is hemming me in and I don't know what to do. There is no light. Just an eternity of black: oceans of ebony and heavens of charcoal. Then one by one, figures start to emerge.

Lights flare up in the sky before somehow turning into lampposts. A cobbled street forms under my feet, brick by brick. Houses and alleys are on either side. They seem to move when I look through the corner of my eye; when I turn, they stay motionless. I must be imagining things.

Then a force pushes me diagonally. I stumble. And right in front of me is an alley. I would have never seen it if I hadn't stumbled. I stand up, dust myself down and creep into the alley.

Shadows stalk the small side street as I warily look around. There seems to be nothing to worry about. All that was bothering me was my nerves - they were really reacting tonight.

The lurid lane lies dismal and gloomy. There are coal-coloured cobbles on the ground and shadowy stones on either side of me. Empty cardboard boxes that had been trampled on fill the street. That and some red stains -


Something is behind me. I can sense something as well. My blood chills as cold as the night. There doesn't seem to be anything behind me - I've checked. I know subconsciously there is something going on. Something horrible. Something ghastly. Something -


I turn quickly. Phew! It is just Matt, my boyfriend. He strides over to me and kisses me on the lips. I sink into that kiss. It was so vivid and dreamy. Just beautiful.


There is pain. So much pain.

I look down towards my body. There is a gaping hole. I can see the entry hole, seeping with crimson blood. The exit wound will be even more terrible. Thank God I can't look at it. But, ironically, that wasn't the biggest pain.

I am going to die and that wasn't the biggest pain! It was the fact that the boy whom I trusted doesn't love me. My heart weeps. A little bit of my heart disappeared along with half my stomach when I was shot.

That boy walks away from the scene of his crime. Before he leaves, he looks straight into my eyes and winks. That just finishes me off. I grab a stone from beside me and hit him on the head.

He falls down to the ground, clutching at his head. Yet somehow he drags himself off the alleyway. Somehow, somehow.

The lights fade away. I'm escorted to another place.

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